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Aerial View Ontario Place East Island (small)

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In going through some old photos, I found some that I had taken on Nov 1, 2008. My youngest son had arranged for a helicopter ride for my daughter and myself over downtown Toronto.

Ontario Place, situated on three man-made islands, was a seasonal theme park that operated from 1971 to 2011. Our children grew up going to the park for special occasions and on school outings. The triodetic-domed Cinesphere was the world's first permanent IMAX theatre. Going to the Ontario Place Forum (outdoor amphitheatre) to see and hear performances is an enjoyable memory. The attractions have now been closed for redevelopment/revitalization.

This photo shows part of the East island, which included Soak City - Ontario's first water park.


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I'm glad that you enjoyed this one too, Dave. Yes, it is sad when things like this change and us older people can only say "remember when..." Yes, change can be wonderful and energizing but I sometimes think that we discard too much of the old. Oh well, at least we have the memories and we can share them! :-)


Francine, I loved it and I'm terrified to go up a ladder or stand on a balcony! (I figured the good Lord made me really tall so I wouldn't have to use a I'm glad that I triggered some good memories for you...that gives me the warm fuzzies. ;-D


Dank u, Jacques! It was sooo much fun, too!


It looks like fun Michelle. Too bad it has to change but I guess change is one sure thing. Thanks for sharing "North of the Border"


Michelle, helicopter ride! Lucky you. Love all the photos you took and shared with us. (commenting only here). Have always enjoyed our trips to Toronto; thanks for the memories. :)


verry beautiful Micheleline!


Hello, DelSol, I'm happy to meet you (and since I'm still a horse-crazy girl at heart, I adore your avatar!). Thank you for stopping in and enjoying my puzzle. (My name is Michelle, btw.)

Hi, Jan! You can probably appreciate that this was the culmination of a dream and long journey to be able to get to the stage where I could go for this ride (my first). To be able to share my son's passion and truly understand why he loves it so much was beyond description for me. To find out that I love it too...bonus! The only better trip I had was when he was the pilot! The angle was due to the pilot...we were turning and banking just a bit so it's just aim and shoot as fast as you can...;-D. Sad, yes, since it's not likely to be that type of park again. People just weren't going, I guess. Apparently the proposal include hotels, concert venue, shops, residential condos, etc. They claim the idea of a casino is out but who knows...

Suzy, they claim that they'll still try to employ creative sustainable principles and say that: quote
Any new development must respect and enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings by improving and protecting sightlines to the water, creating easy public access to the waterfront.end-quote. I hope that they do keep a forum style of theatre at least. It was wonderful to sit on the grass on one of the hills listening to music. Glad that we can share some memories, Suzy. Time marches on and we're still saying...remember when...

Glad that you enjoyed this view, Hanne. The angles were rather fun when I look at the pictures. I hardly realized that we were "tilting" when I was up there. My eyes were too busy gorging themselves on all the views! If you look very carefully, you can even see three boats in the water!


It's very funny to see things from above!! Thanks so very much Michelle!!


Sigh. Remember going there-and how it was such a big deal that it was built on what we would now call "recycled" materials. Again, great memories. Thanks, Michelle!


First of all - you got to go on a HELICOPTER ride? WOWEE!! That must have been fun. Second - the angle used for this photo is wonderful. Third - how sad. I sure hope it is revitalized as a theme park! thanks so much, Michelle!


Very nice photo, puzzaddled. Thanks for sharing some of your memories with us. :)