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My first - Spinning wheel

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This was my first Spinning wheel, my second one and the one I have today is in the insert, along with a homespun knitted mans jumper also a small rug, woven squares joined by crochet,


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I'm off to check it out right now, Thanks chickiemama.


Glad you thought this interesting, Pat, Thank you.


Shirley, here is a spinning wheel my dad made for me.


This is very interesting... Love it post thanks Shirley....


Chrissie, This is wonderful , so glad this lovely old craft is still flourishing in your local arts centre, There is no end to the fibres that are spun, wool,cotton,silk, dog hair (Poodlehair as it is wool) alpaca, camel,mohair, angora,cashmere just to name a few, and then combinations of these, then there is the texture of smooth, lumpy, knobble, loopy, twotone, it's so exciting to spin yarns. I've not heard of tea bag strings before, like all crafts, there is always new ideas, Tell your new friend I'm proud to know she is keeping this carft alive. Thanks Chrissie :):)


Sally my dear, you can spin me a yarn anytime, and I'll find it hard to believe you were weft with nothing to say, Thank you, Sally, so pleased you enjoyed my Crafts. :):)


Shirley, there's a flourishing spinner's group at our local arts centre so it's not going to be a lost craft just yet we hope. We visited some new friends this week and the lady is a spinner too. She told us she even spins her cat's hair into the angora or wool... even the strings off tea bags! :-)


I'd like to spin you a yarn, but I'm fresh out of thread... They didn't weave me anything weft to say... Thanks Shirley for sharing your one of your many talents.... :) :)


You're welcome, Rob, Thanks.


Thanks for sharing these photos Shirley.


Thank you, pumpkin, It stirs something in me too, when I start looking at things I've done in the past, I would love to see some of your work too, if possible, I had woven a lot of place mat sets, which I gave away, so there is only an odd piece left.


Shirley-What an amazing picture(s) you have given us! There is a look of pure contentment on your face as you are spinning. The results of your spinning, knitting, and crocheting are wonderful. Thanks so much for posting this. You make me want to take up a long lost hobby!


glad you love it!


Thank you, Jacques, loved the flower you posted for me, it's a beauty.


Something I enjoyed, a few years back, Thanks Patti.


wow, looks great shirley


What a wonderful photo! The artist at work! Thanks for sharing it, Shirley!


Thank you, Queenbee2b. I look like I was a million miles away, spinning is very relaxing, no the jumper I'm wearing is not a homespun one, spinners seem to spin and knit for all the other family members first.


You look very pretty and serene as you work!! Is the sweater, (jumper), you are wearing, one you made also? Thankyou for sharing!! :)


Thank you, Ank, Yes this is me, I would have been in my early 40s, I did it regularly for about 10 years, then a bad drought forced me to work off farm to save it ( happy to say the farm was saved) Sadly I don't see it much here now.


I was never bored Chookies, It's sad to say, the younger ones never kept these old crafts going ,the spinning and weaving group I was with no longer exists. Our group each year, demonstrated at the local Heritage Festival at the Jondaryan Wool Shed, and sold our work there.


Thanks Shirley. First to be sure, this is a photo of you? If so, you are looking good, I know the photo is old, but we all become older. I know some women in NL do this as a hobby. But not many. It's something you don't see here anymore. I never saw it working in my 65 years.


I take my hat off to you, shirley, you certainly have done some wonderful work. The only time I see spinning wheels in action these days are at a country 'Market' where the person sits working away with all these most wonderful garmets hanging around her - and all for sale!


I get up early these days to play jigidi, Francine, I don't have my weaving loom now, and it's been at least two years since I've used my spinning wheel, I keep saying, this winter I'll do some spinning, the winters come and go and I just don't find the time. or I should say I don't take the time. Francine, This picture was taken in the late 1980s.


Shirley, now I know why you get up so early in the morning. How else can you do it all?