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Aerial View Toronto City Hall and Downtown (larger)

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In going through some old photos, I found some that I had taken on Nov 1, 2008. My youngest son had arranged for a helicopter ride for my daughter and myself over downtown Toronto.

This is a view of dowtown Toronto showing Toronto City Hall (the two semi-circular buildings at the bottom of the photo). In front of it is Nathan Phillips Square with the reflecting pond/skating rink shown to the south (left) of the square.

(New) City Hall was designed by Finnish architect Viljo Revell; his design collaborators were Heikki Castren, Bengt Lundsten and Seppo Valjus. In 1956, Mayor Nathan Phillips and his council decided to hold an international architectural competition for the design of the proposed new City Hall. Over 500 designs from 42 countries were submitted by the deadline in April 1958. Revell's design was chosen in September 1958 and construction began in 1961. He died a year before construction was completed in 1965.


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