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gray sagewort

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Usually, to make deviled eggs, I cut them in half. Maybe I should be more creative next time....


Well, YellowGal, I know Native Americans used sage in some sort of health treatments, and it was supposed to be a cure for malaria, but I can't find any proof of that.

Gray sagewort is also called silver wormword and white sagebrush. Really kind of a nice looking plant when it is growing. Maybe some botanically-oriented Jigidi person will fill in some blanks here. :>)

I've read that sagewort can be used for medicinal purposes (with or without paprika); do you know more about that, sageman??


I'll be darned! So it be! That's what's missing!!


That is so, oddman. Spices up your life. :)


Pass the paprika? (Isn't that what you put on bedeviled eggs?)


LOL When I saw the thumbnail I thought eggsactly the same thing!!! :)))


Guess we are all thinking alike - deviled eggs it is.

I just did that, too, pumpkinhead--and was going to comment to that effect till I saw your comment!


I looked at this quickly as a thumnail, and thought it was deviled eggs!
Have never seen this plant before, now will have to research it!