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Back of a House in Beverly Hills, CA!!!

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Kirsten found this house and here is a blurb about it:

This is the alley side of a house in Beverly Hills. The front of the house was traditional, and this was created to house the now deceased owner's collection of art nouveau.

Thanks so much, Kirsten! (Now I want to see the rest of it!!)


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I know, teacher! I know! You used to be a famous child star in Hollywood and lived right next door to this home in Beverly Hills! WOW! I know someone famous! ROFL!


It's a pleasure, Jan! And I would like to tell you how I did it. But if I did, I would have to kill you! LOLOLOL


Kirsten - another mystery solved by Super Sleuth! How on earth did you find that!!!!! Well I am so glad you did! Thanks so very much!!! :DDD


Hi Jan, Ardy pointed me to this puzzle - I missed it when you first posted it. Whilst it looks a lot like Gaudi, I think it's more local to you, at least according to this:



Ardy - it is a mystery, darn it! Thanks!

Patrizia - I agree with you....but I'm not sure! Thanks for stopping by!

The building really does have the wonderful "feel" of Gaudi doesn't it?!


Don't know where one would go to research this, Jan. I thought the object carved in the door is a two headed snake but looking closer with a little magnification I don't think so as much. Certainly falls into the category for me. Thanks.


Ardik - Welcome to Jigidi! And, I think you could be right.....their is that "melting" feeling that Gaudi has.

Hester - I love the drama of the wonderful wood door and the frame for it! Thanks so much!

Katie - I really would LOVE to see the rest of it!!

Joyce - darn it! I thought you might be the one to know! You post so many doors and windows. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it, too! Thanks!!!

Uu123 - I think that's a definite possibility! Thanks for your comments!!

What a neat place, would love to know where it is. Looks Mediterranean?


Sorry, no help here. I have seen it before but my old grey matter is like a sieve & tends to forget a lot. It was a fun puzzle, glad you posted it!!! Thanks again Jan!! :)))
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Such an interesting entryway Jan. Looks like a fun place to live.


It certainly looks like his work, although I've just googled images of his doors and it hasn't appeared. Perhaps it's by one of his followers. A fabulous entrance way. :-))

Looks a bit like some building of Antonio Gaudí


I hope so! I thought it might be the snail house in Mexico, but it isn't. The mosaic suggests warm climes to me! Thanks, JC!


Beautiful, Jan! I hope one of our Jigidiers can identify it. I would love to see the rest of it!