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Things of the past....#1 Shorthand Dictionary

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Wow! I could sure use one of these!


Thank you ladies for helping me reminise a little. It was fun.


How far technology has brought us in such a very few years.
This is an art of the past.

I had 2 -1/2 years of shorthand and loved it, was my second favorite subject , very good grades, now 46 yrs later, I don't think I could write 2 words!


0829, I always like Dear Mr Jones! And I do still remember how to write should have been. Amazing how some stuff just stick with a you.


My favorite word in shorthand was "should have been." Secretary for 40 years, now retired. Good memories, I wrote in my journal using shorthand, my mom couldn't figure out what I had written, which was a good thing, I might have been grounded for life. 0829-Naoma




My hand is down. I barely made it through typing1. Think of those people whose job it is to crack codes. My hands are thumbs upping for those of you who did learn it.


My hand's up, Chooks. I took two years of it and still use it all the time to jot notes to myself. I remember all of it! Greg shorthand. Funny how things change. I guess when they text using 4 instead of for or four, 2 instead of to, too, or two, etc. that's the new shorthand.


And what about the ditto machine doglovertoo? What a mess that could be!


Does anyone remember executive typewriters? How would you like to type legal documents on such a machine? That was long before word processors and computers. Oh such fun in the old days!!!!!!! We really earned our wages then.


Had two years of shorthand. Retired after 40 years working as a Secretary/Administrative Assistant/Executive Assistant/ Mention shorthand to the younger staff, and it's WHAT? As a matter of fact, I don't think those positions even exist any more. Oh yes, days gone by.


Two years of all I remember is Dear Sir, Always and There is! LOL


My hand's up! I still use it to write notes others can't read (smirkies).


good one lyndee


Now that's a thing of the past!! Hands up who got taught shorthand!!