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Kaleidoscope for the OFC!

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Here I go, just starting to play with my new Christmas toy. Wouldn't you know it, it turned out ORANGE!

(Jan, do NOT laugh at me.... ;-D)

My husband gave me some very pretty peach and ivory roses a short time ago and this was manipulated from a photo of them. Ahem...the roses were prettier!

However, we all have to start somewhere and I will keep playing around with this. Sooner or later, I will make something that I like...I hope!


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Yes, big sister! I am having some fun doing these but get a bit frustrated with different nomenclature (i.e. rasterize is "simplify"... really?) and having to click around trying to remember how I did something before. ( I guess I should write it!) Apparently, in older versions you could record steps and then, presto chango, save your design and there you go. Not in this baby, or else I haven't found it yet. Mind you, I still have to read the product literature and do the tutorials so I might have missed it.

The orange blew my mind....psychedelic, man!


Michelle, please read all comments below! I completely agree. The only thing I would add is:
1. Photoshop Elements is supposed to be hard, in fact, almost impossible to learn. What's wrong with you! You're making the rest of us look bad! Very bad! It's supposed to take MONTHS to learn effects.
2. Orange is a very good color. It should be your favorite. Look how beautiful it is here!

Now start paying attention, young lady! LOL! (Great one, Michelle!)


My goodness, PJ, what a lovely interpretation! I love the idea of buried treasure...should I tell you that the answer is "love"? I am glad that you are encouraging me in this venture!


Puzzaddled - just love the puzzle. A dream for an OFC-er. I enjoy the interesting play between clarity and blurredness, it makes me want to look behind the petals - is there a treasure hidden...


Thanks, Monica! To quote that infamous mondegreen: "My eyes are alight!". It kinda hurt to do it. However, learning curve and all that...


Wow! This one was a bit harder on the eyes, it took me longer to put it together! I didn't even make the board this time! But still, it was tons of fun! Thanks Michelle!

puzzaddled're not going to get me to rise to that one!


Enough with the crumby comments... we expect better from a well bread girl like you :-)


Not without a break, silly fox! My brain would be fried...instead of the gently toasted that it is!


4 hours? With a break? Gulp!!!
LOL... keep rushing in!
We're going to have a ball watching you :-)


I am beveling on virtually the first real use. I didn't load it up until just before I jigged that photo of Bonnie's face and then it was only to clone the Christmas tree lights around her and blur them. The only other time I used it was to cover background clutter with black. Not very adventurous! However, I just started playing with it for real about 4 hours ago (with a break for supper).

I used to be fairly decent with database software and programmes back in the day, so I have no fear of "what's this button do?"... fools rush in and all that!


Cancel my last question on your not orange puzzle :-) I now see you have Elements. You are bevelling after less than two weeks using it? Hooley Dooley, there really will be no stopping you!


Um...was I not supposed to, Francine? I just started clicking whatever buttons I could push...I'm bad that way!


Thanks, Francine! Again...all your positive words of encouragement to try my hand at this. We'll see where it goes! All aboooard...

Dave, how sweet! The joke is that unless we're talking sunsets/sunrises/flowers in the garden (i.e. all outside, in natural settings) or if I am chomping on a citrus fruit, I am not a huge fan of orange. I have been teased about this and yet the first real manipulation I try turns out to be orange...there is some sort of karma in this! My husband just gave me Photoshop Elements 11 for Christmas so I could start to play. (I wanted photo editing software since I have to start the huge project of converting old photographs to digital copies and expect that I will have to correct a number of them.) However, people like Francine here have encouraged me by example and by words to give the creative stuff a try. The puzzle venue seems to suit it.

My heart will always be in the taking of next covet is a decent camera! I really appreciate the skills that you and others like you here on Jigidi possess.


I was in a hurry before and have come back here. You've framed and bevelled! Already?! There will be no stopping you.


Bright but COOL!! Very cool!!! When I first came to Jigidi I was just doing Geometric puzzles because I'm really attracted to them. Maybe its the stained glass thing in me. I'm glad to see you doing them. Maybe I'll watch enough and learn how-it certainly intrigues me. And again Thanks Michelle!!


Thank you, Michelle, for another delightful and fun puzzle. (3:07)