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sunlit aspen in the fall

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Mr. O . . . you really are too much for the beach (or should I say too much for the band?) !! Talk about ROTFL, I just may be still laughing about your answer all afternoon, then I can share it with my husband . . I'm thinking he can identify with the late Mr. Sparks. : > )))




That's funny, YG. So did the band instructor! He said he could not tell what it was from the sound I was making. (Patient Mr. Starks, may he rest in peace.)

My husband wanted to know which instrument you played??

Music is music, dear oddioman . . . there's absolutely nothing to be self-conscious about being in the last chair, at least it's a chair! (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, etc.) Besides, you would be closer to the exit to escape once a rehearsal is over. My family is also very musical, isn't it fun?!!


Just look! The sunlight making the trees all golden, the lower down shadows saying day is done, the sky not wanting to give up its 'blue', & the moon shining above it all saying, "Good night, Sun. It's my turn to shine now." Such a really lovely photo. Thanks, oddio..............


It is a beautiful photo oddio, thank you.


Thanks for your comments.

PotatoMum-- glad I could connect with one of your favorites!

Yellowgal-- it's a privacy issue only that I would never confess that the last time I was in band (high school) I was last chair. I have a very musical family, so I get to brush up against greatness. I used that word (embouchure) on one of david06520's puzzles because David IS brilliant, as we all know, and I thought to impress him and all his brilliant commentors. :>)

Toto-- I didn't take the picture, so I don't know about a filter on this. It came from an album of graphics that was part of some software I bought.


Nice shading, did you use a filter?

Very, very nice, Mr. O. , love the dark forest at the lower half of photo, as well. Okay, my friend, from time to time you'll make reference to things musical, but neglect to connect-the-dots, so that we can know your association with such! Not that many folks know what the word embouchure means, let alone how to spell it . . . hmmmmmm. Maybe your sisters can tell us??
If it's a privacy issue, I totally get it (just wanted you to know that) :)))


Aspens are my most favorite trees. :)


Love this shot! Thanks oddio.