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Christmas Nostalgia # 25

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Jongen blaast kaars in kerstboom uit/

Boy blowing out candles on Christmas tree

Jongetje heeft zojuist diep ingeademd om een kaars in een versierde kerstboom uit te blazen, zonder plaats of jaartal./

"Boy has just breathed deeply a candle in a decorated Christmas tree from blowing, without place or date."


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You're welcome, Jan. It has been fun to hear from people that these old photos have jogged memories...what a heartwarming feeling for me!


Great photo of times gone by. The boy is charming and the candles are scary! But then, they always were. Mom had a string of those candle bubble lights that I loved dearly! Thanks for the memories.....again!


Good Morning, Laura. I do hope that you had a good Christmas! Thanks for appreciating these old photos. I went looking for public domain shots when I didn't have anything of my own ready to post. I really enjoyed seeing these so thought that others might also. Since most of these are from archives in various countries, it is nice to know that we aren't losing this history .

I'm sure that there were issues with real candles and fires...I too am so glad that we have a much safer alternative. Even those old big lights we used to have on the tree when I was young got very hot and I remember that the tree could only be lit for so long before we had to turn them off to cool them down. (I also remember how it hurt when you accidentally touched one!) Now we can leave the tree on for the day and not worry.


I can't imagine how many fire calls I would have to go out on for the Red Cross, if we had real candles on the Christmas tree nowadays. This is darling! I love the old fashioned shots.