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Good Morning Thought

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Back ground picture is of my skies coming home last night.


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But KateEE I love your solution it was great....


Just noticed in my 'long' solution below I used 150 in the equations when I should have used 110. the answers are right for 110. Oooops!


Thanks Stevem. That's a much simpler solution :-)


Would like to thank everyone that tried to solve or solved it.... On the other puzzle you were giving percentages and I really thought it was great... although Jim was the only one that gave the correct answer then and he slept thru math classes in high school... but I love the way KateEE explained it. KateEE love you for this. The correct answer is 44 + 66 = 110 and Jim you must have soaked something up while you were sleeping. Gotta love you both...Oh and I forgot about Steven he had it also... I think this has been the most fun of them all....


Katee, not quite how I would have put it, but yes, correct. One of the numbers is 1.5 times the other, so their ratio is 2 to 3. In other words, one is 2/5th, the other is 3/5th. 1/5th of 110 is 22, so 2/5ths is 44, 3/5ths is 66.


150% of the other means 1.5 times the other, cos if it was 100% of the other then the numbers would be the same.
So if one part is z (ie 1z), the other is 1.5z.
And it tells us that 1z + 1.5z = 150
If you add 1z and 1.5z you get 2.5z
so 2.5z = 150
so z = 150 dvided by 2.5 = 44
therefore 1.5z = 66
So the 2 numbers are 44 + 66 (which added together = 110)
Tell me I'm right????


I'm so glad I am not alone! I don't have enough fingers and toes either!


I may be wrong, but I came up with 20 and 90. ( Donna)


I shall have to wait for the answer to be revealed because I don't have enough fingers and toes to solve the problem!


good one pkin


So what do I do? Not doubting anyone here - honest - but it's so easy to say 'I know the answer' :-) Of course I could be wrong!! But giving an answer spoils the fun. Ah, the dilemma's of life with technology :-) Whatever happened to 'send in your answers on a postcard'?????


Good morning, Pat. Hope last night's sleep deprivation doesn't cause you problems today. I too am not showing the answer. Fun quiz. Thanks.


Good morning Sis Just couldn't go to sleep last night but then I do that every so often... Have a great day Hugs..


Good morning dear Sissy, good to see you did sleep a bit longer. I hope it was nice. An easy one today, no words with more meanings. So it was easy to solve. I wish you a beaitful day.


Good morning Mandy ..good for you... Hugs
Good morning Lorna .. all right ...Hugs
Good morning Morris... Coffee ready... just got mine slept in this morning..


Good morning, Pat! I slept through math classes in high school. If only I would have paid attention, I could be solving math riddles, today!


Good Morning, Pat!


Well I have an answer.... Love the photo Pat.


Yay, I never thought I'd solve it, but I did!!! 1.1 hours later!! Thanks Pat, my brain's really humming now :~)


Good morning Ardy my skies where something else last night and then we were engulfed in a big black cloud and got rain.. Have a great day hugs..


Lovely picture, Pat. Good morning. Have a good day. Hugs.


Ok if anyone does then put it on OK .. Good morning lucy


i came up with a solution but won't reveal it here. so others can guess. good morning Pat.