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That's a good idea, Anne! Sally keeps a record too but I haven't been doing it yet. Might need to now as I picked up a couple of library books recently that I'd read before :-)
There are some authors who I will read again and again - Terry Pratchett being the main one. It may be a few years between reads and I enjoy the familiarity of an old tale again. My husband used to watch those sorts of films too and I read or did scross stitch so half saw them again.. and again... LOL.

Family research is fascinating but it soaks up time like a thirsty camel. You are going to be busy with that schedule, girl :-) Good luck!


Hi Chrissie, yeah warming up again unfortunately. Trying to get a few things tidied up - have spent the last couple of days putting my reading history into Word.

I have been recording reading so that I can see if I've read something before - nothing worse than reading part of a chapter before you realise you've been there before. Generally I don't read the same book again (yet) or watch the same movie twice - broke that rule for Pretty Woman. Saw that twice in the first couple of weeks - once with a friend and then with hubby. Watched it a few times since too. Sometimes I sit half watching one of hubby's favourites, you know, the John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson sort (he's got lots) but usually have something else happening like a puzzle or book.

This year I'll be back into family research so am getting organised now. Already promised to the Local History Centre for 1 day a week. Then mine will take a day or two with lots of sorting and collating to do. Grandson's literacy lessons one afternoon, Breakfast Club, Library relief and so it goes on. Ah well! At least you can see why I cherish time away from it all, bye for now.


G'day, Anne! Welcome back home :-) Thanks. That purple one is a beauty, isn't it? A new layer style we have in Photoshop. We've had a few cooler days this past week - more than likely the influence of TC Narelle and other low pressure systems up north. It's heating up again this week to the mid 30s. Hot enough for us and it surely is better than being in the 40s. How goes it with you?


Hi Chrissie! Love those purples especially the bit that shines. Like a mother of pearl lustre. Extremely fun to do. Thanks dear friend. Are you getting the bit cooler weather still or is it climbing up the thermometer again?