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Redneck Yacht

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The camper used on this "yacht" is a Scamper. It can be purchased under the name of Casita, produced in a factory just north of Corsicana, TX on I45. You're on your own for the rest of the "yacht."

This RV is only slightly more roomy than camping out of the back of a pickup.


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I'm so glad you guys understand!

Looks like an open-air kitchen down stairs. That's great....catch the fish and clean
and throw right in the pan, all in a 5 foot area. Also great when you smoke the fish.
You don't have to worry about venting...the bed and bath are in the Scamper for
the privacy. Hey, this has alot of possibilities. LOL.... : - ))) .... Janine.


Or those funny Christmas movies with Chevy Chase! You really found some good ones today, English! Thanks.


This could be something from the movie set of "Beasts of the Southern Wild."