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Tuesday Afternoon - larger

144 pieces
296 solves
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I solved the smaller one and noticed how well the pieces went together, Ardy, so perhaps this one wouldn't be too hard either. I think the borders definitely help.
Our tax filing deadline is April 30 and I usually have it done in early March but for some reason couldn't get my act together this year. I think a lot of it was all the appointments I had in February/March. Glad to say I finished getting it all together, took it to the post office and it's now in the mail. :-)


Still didn't make your board, Barb 10:30. But if your were to try a big one this would be an easier one to do. Between the very different colors and the individual borders it goes together quite easily. Thanks this was fun.

You mentioned getting materials to your tax consultant. The US deadline for filing is April 15. I filed mine electronically beck in early March and the refund is already in my bank account. I need to get puzzles ready for morning. See you tomorrow.


Thanks again, Wendy. I do appreciate your kind words. Just working on creating some new puzzles to have in stock. I'll try to save some time for solving later on. :-)


Barb, it wouldn't matter WHAT you found to play with. You always manage to somehow make 'ordinary' things BEAUTIFUL. This is especially beautiful though because of the colors, and I love the lighter shades of the darker shades in each square.


Thanks, Wendy. I found something new to play with. :-))) Happy you like it.


Whoa, Barb!!!! This is MARVELOUS! WHOA again!!!!!