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Beautiful Bugosis In Fantabulous Frames #2......

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Oy vey, stackables, what, you don't believe me??? Humph!


Hanne, some people said at the time, that Biggles (the other cat) fell out of his beard and into the Wendell jumped into the pond, 'searching for pussy'........I think that now the scent will have gone....along with Wendell......
orderly-piler-upper........If all is now clear for you, then you have a head-start on me.......


lela, thank you for clearing things up for me. In other words the Bugosis come from a line of a count and the Barloffs come from a line of a no-a-count. You need say no more!! It all seems so clear now!


Dogdaze! Could he do something, if he had a scent??


was-shining......could have been Worlds End.....or Bedlam........
Hanne-with-pipe.......I think that now we will never really know what happened......


orderly-piler-upper.........Believe me, it is with ever-continuing amazement that I return from a quiet day out tadpoling to another vile, vituperative, vitriolic, verbose, vexing and volatile volley of abuse from the dastardly, demonic, destroyer of dreams known to you as Pee-Squirt, and aptly described by messenger-with-a-letter as Ratschoir........
I feel there is no need to defend the honour of my glorious ancestors against this scurrilous slander, as our deeds (the Bugosis) stand up for themselves in the annals of history, while those of the Barloffs fall down like a house of cards in a light breeze........
And, moreover, also, as well, too, I may just add in addition, also, too as well that my ancestral line is glorified by giving to the world a who's who of counts.....whereas the line of the Barloffs is only distinguished (or extinguished) by supplying a never-ending list of *****..........
Oh yes, and Koris Barloff was nothing but a cad and a MONSTER!......
(i hope I have made our position quite clear)......


Hi Hanne, can't remember the name of that place on the thames, something like Worldsend


patsquire--thank you for your enlightening explanation. The haze is starting to lift. I have no doubt that lela will not quite agree with your rendition and I expect he will respond with his own version of the facts.


RatsChoir, you sing the wrong praises....the (ex)con fusion is yours, you murderous knitter!....


Poor stacker, allow me to take pity on your in your state of confusion. And I know there are many others just like you who wish desperately that they had some KEY TO UNDERSTANDING the basics of what goes on here in Bugosiland. As well you might.

So it is with your comfort and mental ease in mind that I reprise this classic dissertation on the Bugosis and the Barloffs. Once you read it you will understand lelabug's viturpitude and inulation toward me!

Always mindful of the confusing history of this place, the mysteries surrounding the rivalry between the two dominant clans, the Bugosis and the Barloffs, it is my pleasure to present this encore appearance of the basic explanation of our history:

Ever hear of two old movie stars named Koris Barloff and Lela Bugosi? The popular one became very rich and famous for playing Frankenstein's Monster, and then the other one came along and got the part of Dracula mostly because it didn't matter much who played him since he held his cape across his face most of the time. One died wealthy and acclaimed, and the other died broke, alone and a drug addict. Typical Hollywood story.

Our host in this series is DESCENDED (and boy do I mean that) from the latter, and harbors a vitriolic hate for the offspring and progeny of the former. He admits to spending time in an insane asylum (and for all we know he may still be confined there) and he tells the world, through Jigidi, about putative relatives of his in flowery and fantastic prose, and about the Barloff clan in most heinous scrivenings. He always tells the truth, or at least we can never actually pin him down in a lie, in describing the genius and derring-do of the Bugosis, and his descriptions of the dastardly Barloffs will curl your hair. His biggest secret is this - - - he has Barloff blood in his veins and won't, indeed can't make himself admit it. Plus which furthermore the Barloff side of the family HAS ALL THE MONEY!

Unfortunately the present scion of the Bugosi clan, lelabugosi, has descended into the depths of megalomania and now longs, pines, yearns to conquer the world through pollution with contaminated, genetically-engineered TADPOLES. Drink not of the tadpole-poop wine he offers! Touch not the tadpole cologne, nor any other tadpole polluted product he may offer you! Too many of our present visitors and habitu├ęs have unsuspectingly done so, and are now and forever under the power of, in thrall to and ensorcelled by lelabug!



I'm sooooo confused!!! Sooooo many relatives! I'm trying to keep up--- but lela--you don't just have a family tree---you have a family FOREST!!! and it seems to be made up with a whole lot of nut trees. Not that I mean YOU personally of course!!


I do remember Wendell and his disappearing!! I've thought very much about him and his fate - indeed he must have come up somewhere, you said something about some station, Junee, on the other side of the Thames, didn't you?? He might have taken another name, might have forgotten his own and went on living quite normally!! He might even have cut off his beard and lost his hat!! Perhaps Tiddles found him after all!!

Love the adventure tho just sometimes you see something you wished you hadnt cause it implants in your mind and you cant get it out ..... it is the stuff of night mares LOL
but I love the history anof your strange intoxicating homeland so it is a small price to pay


Mike's-2nd.-wife......Yes, I am sorry for that shock to the system.....Our journey in life takes us to many strange, sometimes frightening places.......this is one of the latter.......
I only try to forewarn my gentle readers of the dangers inherent in consorting with....A MADMAN!!......(P-Squirt that is, not me!).....

Loved your pictures but I traveled where you sent me and wasnt prepared for the sight my eyes beheld.... so your famous line came to mind

EEK !!!

lelabugosi are deluded by your own delusions.......I come from a long line of aristocratic aristocrats, and by virtue of our purely pure blood-line, which , unlike the Barloff line, is untainted by insanity, we have kept up the noble traditions of nobility nobleness, and inordinately long sentences with lots of commas, in short, we are far richer than you, in spirit, if not in, where was I?.....Oh yes - I will show the world once more who you REALLY are.......


Indeed, here we have a pair of the most distinguished Bugosis.

They are a good example of the Bugosi problem I have discussed many times before, which is that lelabug is descended from these fine individual specimens of humanity. The Bugosis have descended, and descended, and descended until nowadays they are left with that low, miserable creature we call lelabug.

Oh sure, he has tried for a reversal of fortune, both genetically by marrying into the fine, upstanding, superior gene pool from which his wife, the marvelous Mrs. Bugosi comes, and materially by creating the evil, addictive tadpole wine and all his other vile tadpole products. But I fear it is all for naught, when you have to start with such meager meal as lelabug himself.

The Barloffs, whom we have not seen for quite a while, have meanwhile gone the other direction, arising from their ancestors, and arising and arising, each generation attaining more than the last. Until they have now established themselves as one of the elite families among the elite members of elite society in the upper-crust elite echelons of the world. Quite the contrast between these two feuding families, as you can see.


Well, raincoat-infusion, there was always a lot of speculation about that -Elton maintained that it was his own, but in 50 years it never grew any longer and always looked immaculate.......There was often movement inside it though....probably hamsters.....


Glad I'm not the only inquisitive one around here. :D


Pardon my inquisiveness, but is GGF Elton wearing a hair piece?


Someone mention chicken?.........


Not unless they look like a chicken or a turkey. (And not even if "they taste just like chicken". Which is more than The Colonel can say. :D)


Yes, precious-pebble, that would be alright.........You're not going to eat the pigeon are you?......


Oh, such elegance. It's easy to see where your regal bearing comes from, lela. And I love the "ye olde" look of the frames. However, as I have a very small place, I only have room for one picture...perhaps a picture of Elton...bedside table-size would even be better, then as I switch off the light my last vision would bring sweet dreams! Carrier pigeon delivery?


Um......quite possibly.......


Tooting.....Isn't that where all the coke went?....


My great-grandfather, Elton 'All-Bran' Bugosi, newly settled
in England after leaving Outer Mongolia, and looking perfectly relaxed in
his 'house attire' He has just secured lodgings in Tooting, and most of his
furniture has yet to arrive. As can be seen, he has managed to bring his
Grand-piano with him, along with a simple chair......
He took great pride in his appearance and was voted 'Tooting's most
elegant' for seventeen successive years. He was also a founder member
of the Tooting branch of 'The Order Of The Golden Dawn' but that is another story......
Wendell Bugosi is pictured with one of his cats, 'Tiddles'.... the other one is hiding in there somewhere. Wendell fimly believed in the fabled lost paradise of Atlantis, and furthermore, that it was to be found in his back garden. Wendell lived in Battersea, adjoining the Thames, and in his
garden was a small pond. He was of the opinion that if he dived deep enough into the pond, he could swim through a subterranean tunnel, under the Thames, by which means he would eventually reach 'the land of plenty'. He spent 26 years preparing for his journey, most of which time was taken up by his deliberating whether to take his precious cats along. Finally, on April 1st.1888, he took the plunge, and was neither seen nor heard of since. Tiddles was found by the pond, catching frogs. The other cat was never found, and it can only be assumed that by hiding in Wendell's beard it had also undertaken the journey, as a stowaway........