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My own Mandala

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The earliest effort at this game. I had fun with this, especially with learning how to save my own field patterns.


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At least she solved it, Francine! (No comments out in public but she'd rather do scenery and our pets and in large sizes...but I did do one for her!) I'm glad you like this...we'll see what I get up to next! (Though I am posting one for Patti...she really like the yellow rose in the globe so....any little thing I can do.)

Wrought iron...hmmm....I can see that too, now that you mention it. These are interesting for effect but I don't know how many more I want to do. I'm more likely to take the techique and try to apply it to something else. I'm still having fun though! (See what happens when you help someone reach for the stars?) ^__^


This is beautiful. I am unable to see all the letters, but who cares when it is so pretty! Thanks for sharing yours with us. BTW this reminds me of beautifully painted wrought iron!


Quite lovely and my favourite so far too. Thanks Michelle. (2:06)
Good to see one for Bexter .:) :)


I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Deborah! I am having fun learning to play with my brand new toy! (lol)

Dave, that big loop is part of the M but seems to be shy about revealing itself...hmmm...sounds a awful lot like me. I love the reference to birds and ibises... I probably have already told you that I have been bird empathetic my whole life and used to rescue them as a child and young person to bring home to my mother to help me heal and rehabilitate them. One of these days, I'll have to go over the line and become a birder like yourself! The Celtic influence would be very much there, given my family background so good job spotting that! I'm glad that you are enjoying these...


Very nice! Thanks


Here you are, 2, too! On enlarging, and now I can see the ichelle but the M is a mystery. I like that. I see the center with the 5 black dots, and the four arms coming out from the center, surrounded by four flying ibises or curlews with long curved bills and wings up. I do not see orange! This one is my favorite so far and to me has a hint of a Celtic look to it. Very Very Cool!!


Thanks, Kathy. These were one of the sets available in the programme. Since this one is my own name (Michelle), I just didn't want orange. I played around filling and edit undoing with the different fill sets and some just don't seem to make it for this. You'll have fun too!


Love the colors in this one.