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Thanks Jan. Food and cuddles are pretty high on her list too I think!


What a beauty she is, Lorna - looks like nothing could make her happier than running!


Thanks Cathy!


What a great picture of a happy dog! I love this one! Thank you Lorna.


Thank you both Laura and Jack!


he is so cute Lorna!


Your girl has loads of energy! She is always happy and "smiling."


That is kind of you Pat, but apart from aiming the camera at her, I cannot take credit for the photo; the camera was on the rapid successive shot setting!


Love it you captured this one at the right time ... good job Lorna...


It would be quite a sight I think Michelle, and I'm not sure how George would react to yours trying to herd him!! Tana would just want to play and chase them!

Thank you very much Ank. As you can imagine, I have taken a lot of photos of my dogs over the years, but this is the first time I have got a shot of Tana running, and looking such a happy hound.


Hi Tana, fun time, lets play. A lovely photo Lorna. For a moment I thought , ha a new photo of George, but then I saw it must be Tana. She is a beauty. Thanks


They'll be thrilled as long as they can run and play with yours...

LOL...I just got a very strange mental picture of the two younger ones trying to herd your much taller and bigger and very fast "sheep".... ;-D


Thank you divot. I think so too!

Hello petsmom, greyhounds are great aren't they? I'm sorry to hear you no longer have yours. Thank you for your lovely comment!

Thanks chickie - she does look happy!

Hi Michelle, thank you! This is my new favourite photo of Tana. Yes, come on over, though your dogs may be disappointed at the size of the run, which is a fraction of the size of he field! Hope the acupunture works its magic on dear old Bonnie.


Tana, baby, come to me! Come to me! Oh, it is so good to see her so happy, Lorna. You are getting some amazing photos of her and George in full extension...lovely to see. I still am coveting that field...I'll just pop over around tea time with the Borders, shall I?

(btw...had Bonnie back downtown for the first time since her seizure to have acupuncture. She's out of it, snoring merrily away, right now. It usually takes several hours before we see a difference but am hoping that she'll be feeling less stiff by tomorrow, latest. The weather here is a little brutal with the wild swings...not our normal winter pattern, that's for sure!)

*hugs* to you and all manner of ear scritchies and belly rubs to your dynamic duo.


That's what I like to see! A happy greyhound!

She's beautiful, goingsilver. I had 2 rescued greyhounds. You and I could talk for days about how wonderful they are. I miss them dearly. This is a fantastic photo.


Lovely ether way.


Sorry divot, we crossed. She is fairly small for a greyhound, but still quite a bit bigger than a whippet.


Whippet maybe?


Thank you Laura! She is a greyhound, a rescued ex-racer. She is 8 now, but can still run pretty fast when she wants to!


What kind of dog is s/he? S/he is beautiful and this is such a great pic.