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Moss Where It's At!

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Looking down on the forest floor to see the circle of life. A fallen tree decays and is feeding the growing moss...


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It is a rather fascinating plant, Sandy, so I can understand you! It look so homogenous from a distance but close up is so complex! Glad you liked this one. I wasn't using the tripod as I wandered through but should try to go back and get a tighter close-up!


You're making me grin, Suzy! (I've already that a macro lens will be on the wishlist ... possibly for Christmas?). This was taken in a little park right beside that Bailey Bridge where there is a lovely little forest. The camera is starting to have little adventures on its own as it seems to want to accompany me wherever I go right now. (Got that course starting up at the end of the month too...wonder what it will learn?) ;-D


I've always had this fascination with moss. Thanks Michelle.


The camera ventures into the forest. What shall it find? Whole new microworlds!


It really is, Hanne. If you magnify it, you might even be able to see the tiny stems and red flower "buds" (don't know my mosses, sorry) on the upper left side.


Beautiful, don't you think?? Thanks so very much Michelle!!