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intarsia #3

12 pieces
100 solves
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Snooker, did they not have any children or grands that were interested in carrying on this wonderful artistry? Such a shame if not---so many of the old skills are dying out because the young ones just don't care. Too eager for the fast money to buy cheap junk they don't really need anyway. This art work may not, itself, be really needed---except by one's soul. Thanks, Snook, for an interesting & thought-provoking puzzle set................


Thanks morris, treker, Sally and linnyt. Think if you google intarsia they sell plans for different pieces but you would have to have a woodworking shop to be able to make them. Treker, you probably could do it. linnyt, we are never too old. :)


absolutely beautiful; sad in a way that there will be no more, because i'd love to grace a wall with a piece such as this! however, knowing they are limited makes them all the more precious for the spirit of them that do exist. Thank you so much for sharing! I just wish i could keep a picture on my wall to remind me that you are never EVER too old to do something special!


Fascinating works of art... This technique looks akin to inlay work.... All wood working is beautiful... the grain, the polish... Thanks for sharing these.... :) :)


Beautiful work snooker! Thanks for the heads up on this craft.


nice work!


They had a workshop up north in Iowa I think and spent the summer making the pieces and then came south and sold them or donated them to different events. Believe they had been making intarsia for many years.


I think it's wonderful that they shared this interesting hobby, Thanks snooker.


I like this, too.


My favorite as well. How amazing that the couple was creating such beautiful and intricate pieces in their 80's! Thanks for sharing these, snooker!


Very welcome, Jan. We share the love of the sea.


This is another beauty. Love this! Such great detail and it gives a real feel of the sea! Thanks, Snooker!


The woman has since passed on and I don't think her husband makes them anymore. Thanks, EF.


In their 80's you say, well done too !


You are correct, muffin. Anything underwater appeals to me.


It's the subject matter that appeals but the otter is cute


The couple that made these were in their 80's and I found this one was not done as well as the other two though I do like it anyway.


this one's my favourite


Sorry about the flash reflection.