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Winchester Cathedral.

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ooops I forgot Jenny is a vegerootian...


Thanks Graci, that was cool especially the silly laws south of you!!
David thanks very much, that sounds SOOOOOgood, I'll do it for myself when Jenny babysits end of the week, thanks very much mate.


A recipe for Robbie to try:

Savory Stuffed Squash from David's kitchen
Cut hard-shell squash into portions (halves, quarters or sixths ad lib.) and scoop out all the seeds and pith. Rub it with shortening on the skin side. Place it (skin side up) in a shallow casserole dish with 3/4 inch water and bake/steam in a medium (350 F) oven for an hour. After a half hour, dice good savory sausage and/or bacon into a heavy pan and get it frying on medium heat. After letting it get fairly done on all sides, pour off (or sop up with a paper towel) excess fat, then throw in finely diced onion. Let the onion soften, then sprinkle with sage leaves and add 1/4 cup of dry white wine or sherry (fino/amontillado) and a squeeze of lemon juice. Finish it off with fresh ground pepper and salt and a tablespoon or two of butter. Scoop it into the centers of the squash portions to serve.



Hi Robbie, this is why you like Nova Scotia.


It sure is PKH, thanks.
No lajuin, I am a Bermudian. However My passport says.....British Passport - Government of Bermuda. Nationality - British Overseas Territories Citizen.......which means I am a Colonial Hosehead!!!! However when Hong Kong went back to China we were given the right to apply for a British and EU Passport which we can use to enter the UK and all European Union Countries without visas. Thanks.
Thank you Shirley.


Magnificent! Thanks Robbie.


Robbie - Do you consider yourself a Brit?

p.s. I, too have been humming the song!


What a grand place.


Hey mate thanks, that is very interesting and makes good sense. I enjoyed the goose and fresh turkey that had been frozen! I will have to say though that our family still enjoys a nicely slow roasted Perdue chicken and Butterball turkey!! I think there is a lot of hype about free range and organic produce and unless you know the farmer or butcher, you can still get ripped off and pay a lot of unnecessary money for something that really does not taste as good or just about the same.


Nice view, Robbie! Thanks. A classic building.
On occasion, when we've had a goose and a turkey at the same time, we've split both birds down the middle and sewn a 1/2-turkey and a 1/2-goose together. The goose bastes the turkey :).


Hi GS, it is worth a visit although I haven't been to Winchester in about 12 years, thanks.
So right Nova, like your pretty picture, thanks.


Carved in stone.....what an edifice.....thanks, Robbie.


Beautiful. I really must visit it one day! Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast Robbie.


It is, thanks BJ.


this is awesome.


We did bookish, had a delicious meal, thank you.
Yes, cooked and eaten! A lot of nice fat and good meat, thanks mate.


So, now your goose is cooked...



Enjoy your special meal with your friends.


Hi PK, enjoy your special day.


Gorgeous thanks......


Hey mate, at least you can strum along with it! Hope you and the rest of US friends have a Happy Thanksgiving. Jenny made four pies using Buttercup squash, have you tried that? It is nice and dry, sweet and makes a really fluffy pie. We have some New York friends here so cooking a goose and turkey. I may have had a goose 30 years ago, cannot remember what it is like but looking forward to it. PG is smoking his turkey and a Salmon, that sure sounds good. Enjoy all!


Yep, I started whistling as soon as I sawr it...


Thanks PLG.
Oh no foxy, just when I got rid of Bonanza song, I will have this one ringing in my ears all night! Thanks!


Of course, we're all humming the old song in the back of our minds now :-)
Thanks, Robbie!


Love it! Thanks!


Yes Ank, does make you feel small, thanks.
Hi bookish, no, Jenny's granddaughter took the picture and sent it to us, thanks.
Good idea Hanne, thanks.
Sure is PPM, thanks.


What a magnificent pile of rocks!


It's biiiiiig really! Would like to hear some choir sing there!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Indeed, it's beautiful. Is this a photo taken by our Jenny? If so, lucky you to have walked in there.


I feel so small. Gorgeous Robbie.


You are welcome jimbos, thanks.


Beautiful Cathedral-thanks Robbiel