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Happy Birthday, Cilycoed

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Diolch yn Fawr:-)


Hi Phyllis, added a hug and kiss on his head for you...:)


My poor memory bows to your rather excellent one Francine, though I did remember that when I read your last message:-))My visitors all leave tomorrow, then comes the big clean up I guess. hope the weather holds for all the bed linen etc.

I have been showing my niece how to use Jigidi. She has a son, aged two, and he is doing 60 piece puzzles. I thought Jigidi would be good for him, and his mum as well.

Glad 'Pepper' is improving, I hate to see animals hurt, they have no way to tell us how they are, other than not eating and looking dejectedI guess. A big, but not hard, pat from me please.


Hi Shirley, yes, his improved health brightens our day. Thanks.


Hi Phyllis. Really pleased you had a great day. Seventy is a nice round number - congratulations. I've heard the Welsh anthem - you must have been feeling even more emotional hearing it from your grandson.
~ Pepper is our pet dog who underwent back surgery a few months ago. He's still recuperating but is doing well.
~ BTW, Monet is one of mine too. In fact, that's how you and I met; last year I had posted some of his.


I forgot to say that Monet is one of my favourite artists, you couldn't have chosen better Francine.


S'mae Francine, thanks for the lovely greeting. The house is quiet, everyone has gone to bed and for the first time today I am enjoying a little solitude -and a puzzle or two - I gave Anna a hug from you, she had a good time today with all her Aunts and Uncles and great aunts/uncles as well all showering her with much love.

Me, well it was overwhelming really, 70+ at the restaurant for lunch and yes! I did have my panfried fish as well. Plus Banoffee pie, which was a tad naughty of me as I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Well, I said to the D/nurse, I will start next week, after my birthday. She covered her ears:-))) well you don't turn 70 every day do you - I am now going to do your puzzle. Love the Maori too, well done.

Who is Pepper Francine, I'm picking a dog, as cats don't usually wag their tails, they seem to purr!
Diolch yn Fawr [thanks] Gemstone it was a noisy but happy day. One of my grandsons [Dominic] sang the Welsh anthem for me, in front of many people, he is only 9 and he did well!


So pleased to hear 'Pepper' is improving, tail wagging is a very good sign.


Hi Faye, assume she is.
Thanks for asking about Pepper. Knuckling now rare. Lots of tail wagging.


Happy Birthday, Phyllis. Hope your day is filled with family and friends and your year is happy and healthy!'s Pepper doing? Haven't seen she away?


November 17th ~ Phyllis, wishing you a great day on your birthday. Hope you get your pan-fried fish.
~ Pen-blwydd hapus / Ra Whanau