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Growly the Debonair Bear

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Incredibly HANDSOME Growly. Perfect. Was on vacation when this was posted. Thanks.


Hic . . . burp . . . off for a snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .


I'll be there . . . don't you worry . . . :D)

Don't worry Jiggy, I'm sure you'll hear all about it . . . just tune in to the news. I'm sure it will make the headlines . . . lol


007 and three quarters does not think himself "cute"! Sophisticated, maybe. Man/bear of the world, definately. But cute? Oh dear. There goes his male mystique! (snigger! I think he looks cute too!)
Just hoping the froglet can put in an appearance! He's been a slippery customer up till now! :-DD


Debonbear indeed! Quite frankly, I have never seen Growly look so cute! There.......I've used the word. He's going to hate it. But, that's how he looks - absolutely cheek-pinching cute! He's going to attract the over 50 matrons like mad! I do hope that is what he was hoping for! LOL

p.s. Have a BLAST!! I want to hear all about it later! (Well, at least the parts you are willing to share....)


LOL . . . very debonbear . . . I'd better warn the residents of Par-boiled to lock up their daughters . . . :D)


Yes, Lela, you mightn't even notice how blood-shot they are! :-D


And the glasses hide his eyes so well!...Hee-hee......


Thanks Buckeye! A white carnation and a newspaper are tools of the trade for a trainee undercover spy! lol


Looks like Growly will make a very good impression. The corsage is a great idea!


Growly has a luncheon date tomorrow with a certain Frog Princess and is anxious to make a good impression. ( As if I didn't know of his previous visits when he went AWOL!) He is carrying the Daily Telegraph, a respectable broadsheet and nothing like his usual choice of Bare Bears, Penthouse Teddies and Spying For Beginners.