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Faux Cart Wheel

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Thanks, WW. Goodness, you're really going back into the old puzzles!

Great vibrant & colorful puzzle! Thanks!


Thanks, Anne. Yes, these are your colours, for sure. I added an extra transparent glass finish to each section to give it that enamelled look. Fiddly work but worth it.


Really gorgeous Chrissie. Love the colours (of course) - it reminded me of enamel jewellery with those glass bead inserts. Thanks mate.


Thanks, Michelle. Something has to give, doesn't it? Being able to comment on one another's puzzles is a blessing but it does take time. For you it's missing out on solving the larger ones - except for some treats :-) For me, after creating puzzles and the many other things I do, solving itself goes out the window most days! And don't you wonder where that last little piece has gone? Way out the boonies of the page :-) Or as we might say - way out in the donga :-))


Every once in a while, I treat myself to a larger puzzle; there never seems to be enough time to do these any more now that I've got so many Jigidi friends to visit! This was one to which I had to treat myself, Chrissie. Such fun and so pretty! I was very, very slow at 13:22 - out of practice and a little piece that hid way far away from the puzzle on me. LOL Thank you!