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Birds on the modified feeder this morning.

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We screwed two plastic pot plant saucers onto the pole tops & the pottery dishes now fit snuggly in them - hopefully making them 'Possum proof'!!


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Thanks Dave - we've had lots visit so far! About 5 different species use it - and they cleaned up 2 dishes of bread and honey and a whole tray of seed in about 3 hours yesterday!
As for the Possums - they're nocturnal!! We have Ring-tail (hairless tail) and Brush-tail varieties - so I'll see if I can get a photo in the near future!! They often don't appear until late at night - like 9 or 10pm - so it might be a while:)))


It looks really great Robyn and so do the birds! Now I'm hoping they don't wear you out!!! :))) What are the odds of getting a photo of this possum? I'm curious about it too.


Thanks Morris - they've been mobbing the feeder as soon as I fill it:)))

Thanks Sally - we've had about five or six different types of birds visit so far:)) It's paying off!!!

Thanks Don - yes it would be an easily cleaned bird bath and the pottery and plastic saucers come in larger sizes. We have a caste iron birdbath nearby that I tiled the inside of - for ease of cleaning! Both get used frequently now:))

HA! The Lorikeets still let the other birds know who's boss snooker:))They don't bite - just screech and the other birds give way!! Thanks!

Thanks smllpkg - yes it's very sturdy and seems to be working a treat:))

Thanks ikook - time will tell if we've outwitted the night raiders smashing habits:)))


Very smart thinking, Robyn! Plus it looks even better than before. I hope you've outwitted them.


Very sturdy looking. Hope it works!


They seem to like the separated feeding stations - probably fewer "discussions" amongst the visitors.


An excellent idea - and also a great inexpensive way to make a birdbath which can be easily cleaned!


Gorgeous birds... Very clever idea... You are going to have one popular house with all that free food... What great photo ops.... Thanks, Rob... 。◕‿◕。 。◕‿◕。


Hope it works. And if the birds are happy. Good idea, it looks really solid.


Time will tell how effective this version is Janet :))) At least the birds are happy!! Thanks!!!


Rob, I see you now have modifications! Possum proofing? I do hope so. And some Lorikeets here and a "Micky" bird (Noisy Miner) too. You are going well. Thanks and hugs, janet


Thanks Lorna:))) The Lorikeets, Noisy Miners, Currawongs & Crows cleaned up two bowls of bread, water & honey and the whole tray of seed in about 4 hours - so I think we're doing something right!!


Yes, good luck with the plan Rob! And belated congratulations on the lovely lorikeets finally having the sense to pay your garden a visit!


LOL!! We are doing our best jeaneth:))) I'll keep you posted!!! Thanks!

They sure are happy - and have been screeching to their friends - and it's worked - more Lorikeets have arrived Beekay:))) Thanks - we may need lots of good luck:)))


The birds are happy☺ Good luck in making the station "Possum proof"!!


is anything possibly possum proof?
we have the little darlings in the roof cavity & what noisy blighters they are at night-times.


Here's hoping Barb - we can only try:))) Thanks!


Wonderful idea and I surely hope it will work for you :) Thanks Rob!


So will we Nev:)) They've already tipped one dish out & it smashed on the garden edging!! I don't mind them cleaning up the bread mix - at least it doesn't go to waste:))


Great idea Robyn and look at those gorgeous birds.............


Very clever, Rob. But I'll be most interested to see if this is 'Possum-proof' or not. They're cunning buggers!!


It seems the birds think so too els2:))) Thanks!!

Thanks Daffydoodle - it's a one-off that we designed and built:)))

It's a Noisy Miner Marian - they eat insects and nectar. Well named too - as they absolutely hate any cats, carpet snakes or strange birds that wander into our neighbourhood. They screech like crazy and I call them our watch-birds:))))


If I did this at my house, I would be overrun with squirrels!


This is really neat Rob...what is that bird on the top left?


Unique idea. Gorgeous birds. Thank you Robryan.


Looks like fun...