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Who Framed Roger Rabbit.....

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Thanks, Willy... Roger is happy.... We finally got our internet up and running.... We're back in Australia... Coincidentally there's a saying in Australia when someone is really happy that "They're happy as Larry"... Don't know who he is but Larry and Roger are both happy.... Got heaps of your puzzles bookmarked, mate... Will be enjoying them soon.... ◕‿◕


Great puzzle Sally, beautiful frame, so Roger must be happy LOl, it was a fun solve, thank you,
Willy.(◕‿◕) (◕‿◕)


Who me???? Never done it... Wasn't even in the same room with Roger.... Oh well.... It's the new year, I confess, I framed him.... He is so easy to frame.... Stay warm.... We decided not to add extra snow to your lawns this year... Mother Nature seems to have given everyone enough snow so far.... Thanks, Whatty, always good to see you on the puzzles..... (◕‿◕)


I think if you look in the mirror, you'll find the culprit! Thanks, SMor :))))) (9:01)