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Alpaca and fleeces

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At the Brisbane Ekka - short for Exhibition. We went on Tuesday and this one was one softy:))


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The wool is extra soft and warm Ank - and there are quite a few breeders in Australia. Thanks!


He has a lovely face. I just took a course Alpeca and now I understand that the "fleece" is the wool of the Alpeca. And no, we don't have them in NL. They love to live in the mountains. ♥


LOL!! Good one Chrissie:))) Thanks!

Thanks Janet, Shirley (I have an Alpaca scarf that it sooo soft!), snooker ( I agree!!),Floyd, Suzy & Dave (I think there was too much petting Dave:))


What a large display of competing fleeces! I think he just needs to be petted. Come here little fella... come to warbler...


Poor thing. Not happy at all with the showing of the shorn!


"Why can't I be out there playing with the I others" - look.
Thanks Rob.


He looks like he has a headache. :)


I know from my days showing horses at the Ekka, they would get tired of people patting them, and I'm sure by now this little guy/gal would love to be at home, they are cute animals, beautiful fleece to spin, Thanks Rob.


What wonderful colours in the fleeces. Thanks Rob for showing us. No, he/she doesn't look too thrilled to be there! Hugs, janet


Let me guess... the alpaca's name is Sean (shorn LOL)


Thanks Cathy - it was lovely and soft too:)))

There were two together Barb - and neither one looked too happy - but then I've never seen one smile:)))) LOL!! Thanks!


Beautiful little fleece producer, that alpaca...Love the looks of them :)


Alpacas are soooo cute!! And what a lot of interesting fleeces! Thanks for showing us the Brisbane Ekka. : )