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French courtyard

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Hi Hester, ohhhh, I do remember those days, the days that came AFTER vacationing. The worst thing about going on a vacation is all the stuff that has to be caught up on at home. I'm so glad I got all my vacationing urges out of my system, because I'm now content being a homebody.

You're probably right that I over think things sometimes, and as a result, worry too much.

I'm sure your vacation was wonderful. As far as islands are concerned, I've only been to Bermuda, St. Croix, and Puerto Rico....but I thoroughly enjoyed all three. I'd love to live on an island.

I really look forward to your photos. I don't always say anything, but I still visit.....most times smiling when I do. :-))))))))))


Hi Wendy! I haven't replied before now because we are not long home and I have only briefly popped into Jigidi since then. Too much to catch up with! Washing, ironing, ( yuk! ) house, garden, the gym ( work to be done there after a week of self indulgence! ), friends to catch up know how it is!
Anyway, I didn't think that was what you meant. My dear Wendy, you do overthink things sometimes and worry too much. I'm happy that we can correspond this long as I remember to hit the "latest comment" button! LOL! I confess I don't check my puzzles every time I come on line but I will look in more often.

The vacation was wonderful! Guadeloupe is a very beautiful island. I shall post a few photos of the Bruin Boys and the scenery in a day or two. I have house guests due so won't be on too much. However, I'm itching to have a go at one of your puzzles and now is the time! Catch you at yours!


geeeeez, Hester. I wondered why you never responded to my last post/comment. And came back to see if maybe I missed it. After rereading everything right now, I realized that you might have thought I was still hinting for your email address. NO! You'll be relieved to know that I only have a few people I email, and they're more than enough for me to 'handle.'

And I suppose there really is nothing to respond to anyway. If you'd like, I'll remove my comments, but will leave them here if you plan on leaving yours here.

I'm glad that Growly and Steve had a good time on their vacation. :-)))))))))


Hester, I'm really glad I guessed wrong. Gail once mentioned something about emailing you in a comment she made....which really hurt because you didn't want mine.

I find the whole situation sad and depressing as well. You and Robyn (InConcert35) were two of my favorite people, so I wanted both of you to get 'my side' too. And that's why I made a special effort with you two to explain that I'm not an awful person. Somehow, instead, I managed to put my foot in my mouth.

I absolutely do not, and did not expect you to take a stance. I know you are close with Kirsten, and probably more so with her than anyone else. I just happen to enjoy you, and enjoy you enough that it was worth explaining to you my 'position.'

You're always welcome to visit me.

Enjoy the sun. Make sure you bring suntan lotion for Growly and Steve. They're both somewhat fair-skinned. :-)))))))))


Wendy, just to clarify a few things for you. You guessed wrong. In actual fact Gail has never mentioned you to me. True. It's not as if we are in constant contact other than having a laugh on puzzles ( as I do with you ) and occasionally getting an update on her health. I suspect when I was first aware of the tensions between you and and I made it clear to you, Gail and Kirsten that they realised that I did not want to take sides. If you remember, I stated that quite clearly to you. I have only ever wanted to enjoy each of your puzzles and throw in the occasional light hearted remark. I do not spend ages reading back on everybody's discussions. Or counting smiles. If I put an extra one to Gail it was because it made me laugh, not for some secret motive.
I had not seen that conversation and, to be frank, I have only briefly skimmed through it. I find the whole situation sad and depressing. I will not be drawn into making judgements on things I prefer not to be involved in. I hope that you can understand that and not think me lily livered for not taking up a stance on either side of the fence. I was quite happy sitting on top of it , a bear in either arm.

That is where I shall continue to perch, enjoying the good things of Jigidi and hopefully being welcomed when I call in on any of my favourites.

And now I, BB and both bears are off to have some much needed down time in the sun.


Hester, let me guess. Gail told you at some time in your relationship with her that I make the Growly puzzles to make her jealous or to 'buy' your friendship. If she didn't, she sure did tell other people that. I used to make puzzles for people I really liked when I had my Wendy aliases. She told every person that I made them in order to keep them as friends. I never had such a motive. I did it because I truly enjoyed bringing pleasure to the people I liked. I got just as much pleasure, if not more. I stopped making those puzzles because people believed Gail.

When she said this, "Some things never change, Ms. Snooty Pants" it was not with a smile. It was meant for me because I had made the Growly puzzle. When you responded to both of us, you added an extra ")" to your smile for her. I took that as a 'secret' acknowledgment to her. I am obviously wrong about your intention there, but since I'm so used to that type of thing going on with her, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.

On another note, I visit few people on Jigidi now because both she and Kirsten make snide remarks like that when I stray from my 'regulars.'

I assume you saw this 'discussion', but maybe you didn't.

Have a nice trip..........without any aggravation. I hope you're taking Growly and Steve. :-))))))))


Wendy I know you are not stupid. Far from it. I however must be incredibly dense as "what are you talking about " is exactly what I thought upon reading this. I went back to the puzzle to see what had been said. My take on it was, and is, that Gail meant that I am still a Miss Snootypants. I didn't read anything else into it. I have said to you before that I enjoy both your and Gail's puzzles and the enjoyable banter that goes with them. I have endeavoured to remain impartial, never making snide
or partisan comments and I believe, if you look back on them that that is what you will find. I have always appreciated the effort and care you put into the Growly puzzles and thank you once for those gifts.
I am currently packing for a trip tomorrow and, as I do not know if I will have wifi at my destination I may be off line for a week or so.

I, too, do not need any aggravation.


Hester, I am so sick of this. I create those Growly puzzles because I REALLY enjoy creating them. I think Gail thinks I create them to make her jealous. NOTHING could be further from the truth. I want her to act as if I don't exist.

I'm not making the puzzle I had planned on making for you with Freddy, Growly and Steve. I think when it 'blew up' twice, it must have been a sign.

I like you, but I don't need the aggravation.

One more thing. The last comment I made "My pleasure" was made at the exact same time that Gail made hers. I did NOT make that comment with her in mind AT ALL.

And before you ask, "What are you talking about?" I'm not stupid.


Hester, in case you miss my reply to you on the other puzzle, I had to come over here to thank you, for one....but then to also ask you why you leave Growly in such precarious positions. I magnified part of your photo to catch this...