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Spirit of the Goose

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One of the Canada Geese did object to me getting too close and flushed up right towards and over me. I didn't have the camera set up properly but I just tried to follow and click as quickly as I could. Not the greatest shot but my husband likes it: he says it invokes the spirit of the Goose for him.


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That must have been an amazing and awesome (literally meaning) experience, Hanne! I guess you didn't have the camera to the ready? (I'm surprised that I reacted with the camera...I ducked too!)


Once we stood on a hilltop looking at hundreds of geese at the foot of it. Suddenly they were warned against us and all flew up at the same time. We had to throw us on the ground not to be flewn down totally!! Thanks so very much Michelle!


Thanks, Ank, I'm glad that he talked me into posting it so that you could enjoy it too!

Francine, they were quite good about letting me come relatively close to them. They didn't seem to be as tame as the ones in the city parks (who are very bold) and they did keep a wary eye on me as I tried to creep up as quietly and slowly as I could (which is why I thought that they were migratory birds). This fellow startled me and I don't know how I even managed to snap the shot...I jumped! LOL However, I'm now glad that I did.

Thanks, Suzy...that's one of the reasons why my husband liked it. He said that it was ethereal.

Thank you too, Li! I'll pass along the comments to my husband...he's going to like the affirmation that he was right. I've been busy trying to understand and get my settings right (most of what I'm doing right now is experimenting and playing with the camera) and, of course, I was taking the narrow view of critiquing my skill and not seeing the artistry. (Mind you, if I had left everything on auto, this would have been a much different picture!)


I like this pic, too. It's got a sense of mystery to the goose -- I also like the lighting under the wings. Thanks for posting it.


Terrific light under his wings.


I also like it. Wonderful to be that close.


And he is right. Love this pic.