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monkey orchids

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I've enjoyed the orchid photos from St Louis... however I didn't see any of this species.

These come from the south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests from elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters. (Very high! A geographic mile = 1.854 meters)

(The pics come from an email from Lanty.)


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Thanks for the nice comments! I see some of you are still posting some great orchid photos... those SL Botanical Gardens must be quite the place.

(And thank you for celebrating my Jigidianniversary -?!- with me. I KNEW there was a reason I circled this date on the calendar! )


HAPPY JIGIDIANNIVERSARY ODDIO! You have shared you wit,wisdom and photos with us all -it has been an honor to "meet " you!


Hi, Oddio-- Orchids to you on your second anniversary! I see you joined jigidi two years ago today, and look at all the great photos and wise comments you have shared with the jigidi world in that time! XOXOXOXOX to you!


Great addition to the orchid show, oddman. I think there well may have been monkeys in st.Louis ....but I shall say no more! :)


Oh wow! I wish there were some of these at the orchid show.


They really do look like monkey faces! Thanks Oddio!


I love looking at photos of these; they are fascinating.

Those are so cute! I've never seen them before.


Great post oddio