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Oh, Robbie, it was such a lot of fun; a puzzle within a puzzle, as it were. As I told Jan, it added an extra dimension for the grey cells. Trust me, my grey cells need all the extra exercise they can get! (P.S. re my jigged puzzles: unless I otherwise attribute, all mine are photos taken by either me or my daughter or son.) I'm happy that you also had the opportunity to learn a bit about U of T - it's one of our premier universities. Jan has suggested that I wander around campus next fall taking a series...hmmmmm, sounds like a good idea. Stay tuned....


OH my gracious me, look what I caused!! I humbly apologize to both of you and I am very pleased to read your comments Puzz and JB. How exciting that you found a parking spot, milled with proud parents, bumped shoulders with future prominent citizens and managed to get a wonderful picture......Pity you didn't climb on the roof looking over the other side, but hey, I am sure you didn't 'doctor' this photo !!!
Seriously, thanks very much, I have read quite a bit about the University today. Thanks for posting this again JB and the info. There are so many fake pictures on the net that sometimes it is very difficult to determine what is real or not.


Jan, it wasn't a super sleuth effort. I was fairly sure that it was in the U of T environs; it was just of matter of trying to figure out which building. It did twig some memory bells but it's been a few years since I've wandered through the campus. I'll try to get some other pictures later on to post...there are a lot (and I do mean, a lot) of lovely old buildings in that whole area. Quite a number of the large private homes were taken over by the U in years gone by so they also form part of the extended campus. I am proud to be able to share it with you.


After I solved this (6:59) I rushed back to my puzzle to post a link to this one. What a miracle it is that you were able to find this. I can't believe it. But, here it is - - large as life. And there is absolutely no double that this is it! I love it!!!
You are one determined detective!!! Thanks so very much. I just love it, Michelle!


Hello, Jan (et al): Here is one of the shots I took today. Of all the was grad day, lol. Hard to find a spot to even take a shot what with all the milling and proud parents etc. This building is near Convocation Hall. I suspected U of T due to the Romanesque and Gothic Revival details and the lighting fixture indicated a public building (where functionality and funding are the concerns). I KNEW I had seen this but there are so many, many wonderful old buildings on campus that I couldn't place the exact spot. Sorry about the quality of the pix - just had my cell phone.

Sigmund Samuel Library Building
Gerstein Science Information Centre, University of Toronto
7 & 9 King's College Circle, Toronto

King's College was founded by royal charter issued by King George IV, in 1827 and was controlled by the Church of England; it was the first institution of higher learning in Upper Canada. The name was changed the University of Toronto in 1850 when it became a secular institution.

This building was originally the main library for the University of Toronto from 1892 to 1973. When the Robarts Library was built, the humanities and social sciences materials were moved into it and it became known as the Science and Medicine Library. After a sizable donation from two Gerstein family foundations, it was renamed the Gerstein Science Information Centre in 1997. One result of this donation was the restoration of the (Gerstein) Reading Room to its 1892 original state. The library currently houses material supporting sciences and health sciences.