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Brazilian Plume Kaleidoscope for Jeannie

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Another photo taken by me at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL a number of years ago. Having fun with manipulating the image in the corner. The frame is art glass with coloured shadow effects.


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Monica, you are just so sweet. Just as long as Jigidi limits me, I might actually have a life! I'm just having way too much fun!


Michelle, you are just getting too good at this! Pretty soon we won't be able to keep up with you! Lovely, just lovely, thanks so much for the fun!


Thanks...that's exactly how I have been thinking of them (I've got several ready to roll when I am allowed to post). Jewels. I decided to do the thumbnail as a reminder to myself and then it just started to creep over into the said that I'd do something different, didn't you? (Bonnie's birthday is tomorrow...I was corrected when I said it was the 10th and then someone looked up the official paperwork today and I am vindicated! I am not getting forgetful after all! LOL!) We took some pix of her wearing her party hat tonight to see how they turn out to post tomorrow. *tee hee hee* She still enjoyed your card though!


Thoroughly enjoyed your gem, Michelle. Your thumbnail insert is a great idea. Thanks.
Didn't forget your Bonnie Bonnie on her birthday ~ hope she enjoyed it.