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Hanging Ornament Boards! (medium) *link to small inside

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For a 40pc puzzle, go to:


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Thanks, Mandy - I'm always glad when you like my puzzles. And, now I know you are in the PFC! (me, too).


I don't know how I missed this wonderful puzzle Jan - it's so bright and cheerful and has purple too!! I'm glad I found it now, and enjoyed solving it in this size too, thanks so much :~)


Katie - thank you so much! These were made at holiday time, but I thought they still has relevance anyway.

Hanne - Thank you. I liked how they turned out. It was a bit surprising.

Ardy - you are so right. Maybe I'll go back!! Thanks, my friend!!


I thought the all caps were part of your creation and went with it. That's all. Just wondered.


They make a wonderful pattern!! Very, very interesting, Jan!! Thanks so very much!!


Hi Jan, I really like these new boards! They're so cheerful and pretty!


Kate - that is exactly how I am. There are only a few puzzle styles that I am speedy on. But, it's always fun to do others, even if it takes me 3 times as long. Thank you so very much!


Jan - Love the bright colors with a winter feel. I'm slow as molasses in January today but enjoying puzzling. (I guess molasses is slow in February too) Kate


Ardy - I had never noticed they looked like women - now I am smiling! I'm glad you liked them!
I finally decided that BOARDS looks odd in the title. What do YOU think!


Jan, I thought of gong to the 40 piece but decided - Why not. Surprised I made the board above last place. Thanks for all the ornaments. Dare I mention that they look like curvaceous women with ornaments in strategic places? Thanks, Jan. You usually do the word 'boards" in all caps. Any significance to the lower case letters?