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Remembering Dad's birthday, April 11th

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lanty: oooooooohhhhhh, I didn't know that (that oddio was the baby AND the only boy!), that explains everything!!!!!! Just kidding, young man :)))


Hi, Oddio-- sorry I didn't see this on the 11th. What an unforgettable man and father he was. And as part of his bio I must add that he was a punster from the word "go"-- so unfortunately his progeny have inherited that tendency-- some worse than others!

I agree, Jayhawk, I don't recall that photo of him either. Maybe oddio got a special one cause he was the youngest?? AND the only boy??


Right on, yellowgal!

A handsome man indeed, how thoughtful of you to honor him on his birthday. He looks like he was a very kind man, talented, and a wonderful example for his children . . . you were blessed to have had him, oddio. Thanks for sharing these memories with us :)))


Jayhawk, 'sOK, no sweat. PG, pedaling as fast as I can. I did earn my Bicycling Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. But I didn't have to ride all the way to Arizona!


What a treasure.
Thank you for sharing him with is, Mr. O. Methinks the acorn didn't fall from the tree, as the saying goes.


See I sit here quietly and say nothing and still get a shot. It never pays to be nice. Your father looks like a kind man and nothing has worn off on some of his offsprings. Pat it just does not pay to be nice. OH bye the bye it is bike week in AZ next week so get a peddling sir or you will miss it.


OF COURSE there was radio before you were born, oddio. The stars have been emitting radio waves for billions of years!


I am in the St Louis area and listen to KMOX all the time!


CM, I didn't mean to ignore ya! No, he was not in the Chicago area, but he was at KMOX, St Louis. That was before you were born. Even before _I_ was born! (Yes, PG, there was radio before I was born.)


Nice things you folks say! Thanks.

Snooker, I never saw him with an angry expression! (RIGHT!)

Oh, Punkinhaid, I could wish. But I have INNER beauty! (RIGHT!)


We can see where you get your good looks from, Oddio!

Hey, patsquire--I did write a comment earlier but apparently didn't hit Postcomment (which happens often, for me!) Sorry I called you a "her." I didn't check out the accompanying photo and always misread that to say "patsysquire"!


What a happy looking fellow.


Nicely put, oddio! What a nice tribute to a wonderful dad!


Was it in the Chicago area oddio?


Cool. And they can't say he had a face meant for radio!


(For Jayhawk, "Sorry 'bout that, Pat!" Kinda hard to tell from the photo!)

About Dad: He was a broadcaster, both radio and TV. He was primarily a newscaster and sportscaster, but also managed several stations. He was also something of an author and poet. He was quite a do-it-yourselfer and home remodeler. He loved music, especially of the big band era. And his greatest roles were as husband and father.

Here is the original photo that this one comes from:


I am not sure but he looks like someone I have saw many times before ??????


Yeah, oddio, you tell "her."

oddio, you tell her--you can do a better job of it than I can!


Do tell! Please.

That's such a good photo of him, oddio! I don't think I have that one--the ones I have all seem to have a microphone in front of him! patsquire, fortunately, he had a much more interesting life than that of an executive!


A handsome, successful looking man. Looks like an executive, born to wear good suits.


Awww...your dad, oddio. How nice to remember him and share him with us!