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Glutton For Punishment

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Just when I said I wasn't going to do any more puzzles! This one is 1,000 pieces, finished last night.


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I saw that photo too. It was a very big puzzle. How do you have space to solve it.


30,000 pieces, Lorna? Wow, I would be working on that for a year.
Thanks Jack, Ank, PG and pumpkin.
PG...I thought that very thing. Man, I should be out there taking photos instead of sitting around doing a puzzle. When it gets lighter after work, it will be easier.


If 1000 pieces keeps you out of the cold, have at it!


I do not see your problem LJ. I did this in 30 seconds and it took you how long? I guess you are just getting old and slow. NIce puzzle and you need to stop doing puzzles and get out and take pictures so we can do puzzles.


Very nice


i love it Laura!


Nice one Laura. I loved jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid, but am happy to stick with jigidi ones these days. I saw a piece on the local news about a woman who took 17 months (I think) to complete the worlds largest puzzle - I think it had well over 30000 pieces - only to find there is now an even bigger one which she has now ordered! Someone should tell her about jigidi!


Great, Nana...I want to see it!


This so pretty, Laurajane. Do you believe I just finished a 1000 piece puzzle a few days ago? I said no more for a while, but today I opened another 1000 piece one. They are upstairs in the bonus room so I won't be tempted to stop every few minutes to find a few pieces. I'll get a picture of it and post it tomorrow.


That could be a problem, chickie! Makes for a long day the next day.
Thank you very much, Pat!


Good job .....very pretty puzzle...


I used to stay up late working on them when I had to work the next day. I couldn't stop.


Well done! A record for Guiness :o)
Lyndee, I have stayed up many an hour working on them, too!


Well I finished it in 0:38 seconds. LOL


Well, you pick some nice ones to do. My problem when I use to do them was I had a problem of quitting and would stay up way too long working on them.


I don't usually do them twice. Incidentally, I haven't done regular jigsaw puzzles for ages. Since Chuirstmas, I am having this burst of interest...for now.


Wow Laura. Do you redo them or do you pass them on? I use to be addicted to regular jigsaw puzzles but since jigidi, I've lost interest in the real thing. (hey, it's cheap entertainment and it keeps the mind active. Beats sitting and watching TV all night! Beautiful work.


Yep.... :) :)


Thanks for the aspirin, Sally! May I have 3?


Oh my goodness, laurajane,1000 pieces... I would say you are mildly addicted to jigsaw puzzles.... Amend that to majorly addicted... :) :) I Bought a new bottle of aspirin yesterday, I'll save you a couple... Now I know why you're so fast... Lots of practice on the real thing.... :) :)