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puffball mushroom

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i was told they are good to eat. tried it didnt like it


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Thank you for this, One of the nicest fungi around. I have only ever found 3 in Yorkshire. Fried in a bit of butter & seasoning, tastes very much like fried egg!!


Are you sure this isn't a ball of dough that didn't raise and so the cook buried it?


We've had mushrooms growing in the windbreak in several places since January. The one and only day that was warm , 59*, I was hand picking pine needles off of the ground cover bed. Meanwhile, the windbreak was right behind me...but I didn't even think of checking it out!

You need to catch puffballs when they are white or creamy looking inside. Slice them about 1/4 in thick and saute them over medium heat in butter or margarine until limp. Smaller ones are usually the best for eating.

If they are getting yellow or tan inside, put them back where you found them and let them dry out. When they are dry, I usually step on them to spread the spores around a bit. The inside will "reseed" the area and when all is right in the world, they will pop up again.

I found 6 of them almost touching one another. this was the biggest. mabey a small one would have been better. have checcked the spot where i found them. haven't found anymore

We enjoy them sliced and fried in butter, although it has been a few years since we've found one.