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For Ank & Henk: Bijbellezing aan tafel met kerst

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Kerstfeest in Ritthem, Zeeland (vlakbij Vlissingen), 1949: gezin in klederdracht aan tafel, met kerstboom op de achtergrond, terwijl vader bij kaarslicht uit de Bijbel voorleest.

Zeeland: Christmas, 1949

Ank & Henk: I went looking for a vintage Dutch picture to complement your little village.
Gelukkig kerstfeest!!


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Wow. Thanks Michelle


Hi, Ank! Don't be sorry that you didn't see this puzzle; I had meant to go back and post a link on one of yours right away but I forgot. There are so many puzzles posted everyday and since this series is in black and white, they don't really jump out to the eye. I'm glad that you liked it though.

I did see and listen to those lovely videos. Thank you for posting them. Most of the carols and hymns were familiar, translated into Dutch.

Heintje - Don Kosaken Chor 1-Oh Glockenton: This was totally new for me. I just loved that young boy's voice...what a talent. I very much enjoyed this!

Stille Nacht: What fun it was to try to sing along with one of my favourite carols with this children's choir. I did sing aloud but I am certainly glad that there was no one around (especially Dutch speaking) to hear me...I am sure that I totally mispronounced many of the words. However, this was a lot of fun.

Kerst CD van het Christelijk Groot Gemengd Koor Muntendam - Stadskanaal : This visuals were just so lovely. We haven't had much snow yet so I was able to appreciate the scenes and pretend... Most of these songs were very familiar and it was a joy to listen to them and the pipe organ too.

I'd like to share with you, too, one of our family's traditions. For the past 33 years, we have been heading to downtown Toronto to attend the performance of The Christmas Story at the Church of The Holy Trinity. For the past 8 - 10 years (I can't even remember how long but it was when she came home after University), our daughter has volunteered to be in the cast and most often plays in the role of the Angel Gabriel. She says it is all about wearing the wings! (They weigh about 27k and are harnessed around her body, under the robe.) Our oldest son wants to get involved somehow next year and, who knows, my husband and I might be persuaded! We were there last evening and it is this performance that really makes me feel like it is Christmas. This year has been so special because it is the 75th year continuous year of this performance in Toronto. It is a pantomime (volunteer actors) done to the reading of the holy scripture story, with a professional 4 voice choir singing in the loft (ethereal) and grand pipe organ music. I just love it!! I would like to share some links with you, should you be interested

When I took this picture, I could see her quite clearly in the camera screen. (She rises up in a cloud of dry ice every time she appears.) It is interesting to see how the camera interpreted it:

The website with a link to the originator of The Christmas Story here in Toronto:



*hugs* and Merry Christmas again to you both!


Thanks Michelle, this is vintage Dutch indeed. Yes they belong in one of that little houses. Thanks so much, it's very sweet. I thought how did I mis this? And then sorry, I hate to tell I saw I did not have you on my list of favorites. And I just don't have time to look to other puzzles as the puzzles of my list. You are on now, sorry I did not do before. The only excuse is that I'm always too busy. Did you find the links of the Dutch Christmas songs? You asked for it at one of the detail puzzles.
Thanks again, and sorry I did not see it before. One of this days (weeks) I take a look to you older puzzles. Hugs and have beautiful days.


Jan, I had so much fun going through that wonderful little village that I wanted to say thank you. I thought that while this is somewhat religious in nature (he's reading from the bible), the classic dresses that the women were wearing reflected the time frame of that little village. I can see this family being in one of those beautiful little houses, can't you?


What a sweet thing to do, Michelle. And what a wonderful puzzle. Thank you so much. Ank & Henk will love it!