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Puppy Pix #1

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Baby Meara testing out the hay at 7 weeks old. If her friend, Potter the rabbit, eats it...


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Great news about Bonnie.
Sorry to hear your cold ended up being a super-strength one. Hope your daughter's isn't as bad. Again, good luck to you.


VERY frustrating, Francine. I'm not getting anything done with not being able to move much without wheezing and hacking and all that other fun stuff.

I did talk to our local pet store and the owner's daughter doesn't think that they can only order in a small amount. Something to do with RCPets being an independent with minimum order amounts. However, there are lots of stores listed in Toronto so we'll phone around. I'm starting to get a bit of voice back so by next week...

Mind you, I've told my daughter that we might be able to make something if it doesn't pan out. She knits in the round so perhaps she could make some and we could sew the sticky stuff (technical detail, that!) on.

Thanks for your help with this. Bonnie is happier and happier, btw. I am getting visits and loving several times a day now! ;D)))


Yes, definitely try them on at store. Didn't realize you weren't totally over your cold. Good luck to you and your daughter. This being a busy time of year, it probably feels very frustrating.


We'll talk to our local pet store and see if she will order them in. My daughter ended coming home from work sick and since I'm still too sick to go out and about, we're going to have to wait a bit. I really want to see about getting them soon.

Sizing etc. could just be the difference in packaging from when your pet store bought their stock and the new. It's probably best to try them on and see what fits best. That's what we did for their Muttluks.


Just checked that link. Pepper's are '165 Preppy'. Interesting to compare sizes and price. They're showing $10 for one pair only. Though perhaps I paid $13 for two pairs. Definitely not more than that.

Also sizing different from what I gave you which was directly off the package.


Michelle, left you additional info on your other one.
hee-hee! back and forth for you.


Michelle, I was reticent in butting in by giving you that info, but decided to mention it, just in case.

If it's not too late - the make is Pawks
anti-slip socks for dog
RC Pet Products
Traction, paw protection, scratch prevention
provide traction on slippery surfaces, paw protection for dogs with foot injuries, increased mobility for older dogs or dogs with hip injuries, protect hardwood floors from claw scratches.

And,...the picture of the dog on the a border collie.

Pepper's size is medium (1-5/8" x 4-3/8")
The large size is 2"width x 5-1/2" length

Sorry, I should have given you all this before.


Wow...thanks for the info Francine, I didn't even think of this. I am going to forward to my daughter via email right now and ask her to check out the pet store on the way home.


Thanks for info. Good morning Michelle.
Yesterday was a gift - it was +17C after last week's -11C and now it's +2C. So much of a contrast.
~ Super news re Bonnie's appetite. BTW, we initially bought Pepper anti-skid socks to protect his claw nerves during all that knuckling. Turquoise of course. But they had them in pink too. Local pet store - something like $11-12 for 2 pairs, coming in every size possible. Something to remember, if ever needed.


No problem, Mary...just gave me good memories of my Lassie! Thanks, Faye and Francine, for checking in too.

This evening Bonnie was really, really hungry for the first time. (Good thing too...she's too thin and we've been trying to build her up. She really couldn't afford to be "off" her feed.) She gave a little demanding "dinner" bark (not much volume but there) for the first time in days too. She's still doing the splay legs on the hard floors (rather like Bambi trying the ice with Thumper for the first time...). I keep trying to convince her to stay on the carpeting and various mats that we've laid down for her but spunky miss is trying to follow me around again. Bonnie is also wanting her attention and loving from me again and is asking for it a lot! That feels wonderful!

btw Francine, be prepared: yesterday was nice here and today started fair and turned foul very colder and colder and rained the whole day. That usually means that you'll get it by tomorrow.


Hi Michelle, haven't spent much time in Jigidi. Fantastic weather today!
So pleased to read about Bonnie...:)


Me, too! :)))


Oops,looks like I forgot her name. I am so glad she is doing better.


Bonnie has been recovering daily and is becoming more and more her "old" (and that she is) self. She was very dozy and weak and didn't display much personality for the rest of that day. However, thanks to your comments and helpful info from others, we knew that we just had to wait it out. She has been positively happy today...big smiles and cuddles with me, moving under her own steam (getting up and down) and she even tried to prance a few steps (still wobbled a bit but then she does have weakness anyway due to her arthritic back). We think she may have hurt/strained her back leg during the seizure but it should recover with time. (We're hoping that the seizure was just a strange "one of" and not indicative of something more serious.)
Thank you so much for your concern and support!
(Interesting that you called her Belle...the kennel name of my very first dog was "Bonnie Belle Goldie"...aka Lassie. She was a Shetland Sheepdog and you can guess what my favourite TV show was at that


How precious ,and she looks like she has a toothpick with the blade of grass.Did your Belle get over the siesure?


It was a good idea to keep them small, Jan, especially for the "doglet fan club". I too am solving smaller puzzles these days just to be able to do a number of them!

Meara was the first puppy in a long time so, like our first born child, had more baby pictures!


Gosh, could she BE any cuter? I don't think so! What a little dolly, and I love the hay in her mouth. When puppies sit like that, it always makes me smile. Thanks, Michelle.....and thanks for the smaller size!