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Artistic: Orchid #2 (small)

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I created this one from another photo of an orchid taken by my daughter at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto. Again, I used quite a number of effects to achieve this look so it is not an exact rendition of the orchid.


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Thank you, Hanne. I was able to "pop" this one a bit more too (although the original was more purple than red but I did what I liked to get the effect that I wanted. Being able to correct the background and dull down the white table and orange coloured flowers was just part and parcel of bringing the orchid more prominently into artistic focus (as opposed to photographic). I'm glad that you are enjoying these so much!


The looks of this orchid give you better conditions - all the dark red spots DO something from the beginning!! It's very successful I think!!! It has become a "painting" more than the one yesterday!! Thanks so very much Michelle!!


This is/was a beautiful orchid; how lovely that you have it and it's thriving, Monica! I was upset about the orchid since my husband gave it to me (different from the usual bouquet of flowers) and I so wanted to keep it going. However, I guess I will have to try again and see if I can be successful with another one. I'll read up on them first to see if I can find an ideal location! Thanks for the encouragement, Monica.


Thank you, Hester, glad that you liked it! could print it, cut it out and tie it on the non-bloomer as a hint...or at least some colour! Perhaps it needs encouragement and not muttered threats. LOL Curiosity, how long do they rest (not including the one in the sanitarium)? Mind you, I have a Clivia Miniata that was given to me as a birthday gift, in bloom, and once it finished, it rested for four years before yielding up more blooms just last year! I wonder how many more years I'll have to wait for the next ones...if the blooms weren't so spectacular..... *mutter* *mutter*... ;-D


This is truly gorgeous Michelle! I love it, the colors are exactly like the ones in my Orchid that my friend gave me about two months ago when I was in the hospital! To this day it is still blooming and I don't have any idea what I am doing but it seems to really love me! It's the first Orchid that I've ever had and I love it so much that I want to go out and buy several more! Don't worry Michelle, just buy another one and plant it somewhere else, maybe it wasn't happy where it was! You probably did nothing wrong! Like you said, you have a green thumb!
Oh, and Pinknblack I didn't know that your anniversary had passed by or I would have said Happy Anniversary to you like I am doing right now! Wow! 45 years together, that says a lot about who you are, that you are a very stable and sweet person! Lot's of love to you!


This is a beauty, Michelle! I have 4 orchids which are currently resting between flowering. One has been resting for 7 years!! LOL. I feed it, I spray it, I talk to it and it refuses to bloom for me. Mmm, perhaps it's the muttered threats through gritted teeth, warning it that it's taking up valuable space that it doesn't like! ;-)) The others are well behaved and should soon be flowering again. Fingers crossed....


*sigh* I must figure out what I did wrong...Ank sounds very much like she is on her way to emulating that most famous of fictional orchid growers, Nero Wolfe! You tease me with 5, pnb! One happy and healthy one would make me smile. Thank you for enjoying and sharing.


35 orchids, now that is a dedicated orchid lover. I have only five, all gifts from my hubby. I got a new one on the 19th of this month to celebrate 45 years together! They really mean a lot to me. Thanks, Michelle for sharing these with us.


Thank you so much, Gail. I am certainly having fun doing them! ;-D


This is another one of your absolutely lovely artistic creations, Michelle. Thank you for the fun.


Oh, Ank, I am jealous! How do you get them to stay alive? My one and only recently passed away and I don't usually have a brown thumb. I must have done something wrong...poor thing. (I felt so guilty!)


Beautiful Michelle, I love orchids. I have about 35.


Thank you very much, lindaisling!


Lovely! :)


*smile* I have enhanced them somewhat, dear girl. Artistic license and all that. Now why would you like yesterday's? Hmmmm.....oh, yeah, amethysts! LOL Thank you, Jan.


This one is lovely, too! (My favorite was yesterday's, though!). Such rich colors for orchids. Thanks, Michelle!


It is an interesting orchid, isn't it Laura? I'm glad that you had fun with it too! (Wow, you were of the leaderboard right now...;-D)


Thank you, Jana, glad that you enjoyed it! :-)


Love the spots!


Thank you very much Michelle for this beautiful puzzle :-)))