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some crew and passengers dancing as we got underway

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Unfortunately no pool room, jayhawk. The ship had a huge gym that was a lot better than the one I go to here in town. Will send you an e-mail when I get a little time. :)
We did catslave and especially since it was our first cruise ever. Had been on live aboard dive boats many times but not a ship as big as this one.


Looks like you had an awesome holiday!

I checked it out, snooker. That is HUGE! Did they have a pool room on it and did you have a chance to use it?


Sorry not to answer each of you individually. Just got home and it is already 8:00PM. I appreciate all the nice comments.
Jayhawk, we were on the Crown princess - good picture of it was 4 days ago - Going ashore in Honduras.


Lovely, it looks like a lot of fun.


Now thats the way to get started right away LOL great pic and good set snooker

Hi, snooker! I got your message on my site. Somehow, I was thinking you were LEAVING on the 9th. You will have to send me a regular email and tell me a little more about your trip. Are any of these photos of YOUR ship? Was it as big as these you have shown? I am pretty sure my knees coudn't take all the walking that such big ships would require!


Hi Snooker! Wow, I didn't realize I missed so many of your puzzles till just now! Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for all the photos!!!


Wow, That's the life, Snooker, live it up.


Good to see happy people.


The crew were always cheerful no matter how tired I bet they were. Always got smiles and a greeting from them. Can only imagine the long hours they work. Thanks for your comments, lyndee.


The first day is always a happy day!!!!!


If I had your e-mail I would send you one but would rather not post one on jigidi. Leave your e-mail on an old puzzle of mine and I will find it and then you can delete it if you want.


Where's there a picture of you, snooker? I don't even know what you look like!