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Lunch companions in Honduras

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Have told M'on to check puzzles. What is going on? Saw the You won comment and had no idea. She is a nut case.

Ah, someone told me what's going on. Too bad. I thought I won a good prize. Give it a week, the puzzles will all be back. I'll bet on it.

And please tell M'on that I cannot comment on his puzzle or his comments to me, but that they're appreciated.

And was that the same rock he used last time he posted it? It seems way too big for her. She needs a little rock for a little heart. And do you have any idea how long it must have taken for her to make all those puzzles private? Hours. There were hundreds of them. And how long it will take to take them public again, as we all know she will? More hours. That's some kind of either anger and/or paranoia, whatever her reason.

Hi Pat, I don't know if M'on knows how to check for older messages. Do you know what Wendy is prattling on about, why she would tell me and Kirsten that she "won"? What did I win? Money? Fame? Notoriety? Probably the latter one. I did notice she made most of her puzzles on Z and Z1 private. Whatever could have possessed her to do that? Something someone did that she thinks is me? I only have the time to look through my Favorites (most of the time). Have done that four the last three years, except once in a while to look through Mosaics to see if anyone new has shown up. If you communicate with M'on by email, would you please tell him that I appreciated his comment and rock puzzle (at least, I'm assuming it's a male)? I don't even want to sign in as myself, because she claims she has a way to find archived computer pages, whether it 's even true or not. Please don't refer to me as O'm. Thanks. Hope you are well. And bad hubby for not letting you take these little things home. I would have taken the ginger one to match my Frankie.

That's all my hand will allow me to type right now.


Know what you mean. It is hard to see them suffer but these two were doing better than most cats manage to do in a 3rd world country.


Beautiful cats - not sure I could have left them behind lol!


lol, my husband said I couldn't take one home when I started petting them. Party pooper as usual.


I'll bet you would have liked to take one home. I like the one that looks like Morris:)


Shhh, Mimi. Bandit doesn't know. :)
Thanks, gnt.
They sure did, Shirley.


These two must have made you feel very much at home, snooker.


very cute kitty's good set


They are lovely cats Snooker! Did you tell Bandit about them????????


The little female was very pretty and the first one to arrive at the table, robryan. She does look like she has on eyeliner.
I'm sure they would appreciate that, Ank. :)


They are lovely, they can have some of my lunch.


I love the black eyeliner on the front cat. Nice photo snooker.


He does look like a younger version of Tommy - a bit more orange don't you think? Their fur was in good shape so I don't think they were living too hard a life. :)


The one by the rail looks like my Tommy.


That's a very nice thing to say, Suzy. Thank you.
Think they had done it a few times before, Trish. :)


looks like they figured out a pretty good gig! ;) the direct approach! thanks snooker!


You find friends, no matter where you go!


They were very well mannered. They didn't try to climb up on us but sat there quietly and waited for some meat. After they ate it they waited patiently for more. They were fairly young cats and not really too thin - just gangly teenagers.


Poor things. They look hungry.