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Did a robin fly into the coop?

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Smaller than a quails egg


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It was from one of the bantam Amerecaunas. I've had them before. Especially when they first start laying. Later the same day I found a very small brown one as well.
It's always a surprise Kathy and we even had one last year that had no yolk.
Thanks everyone for your comments.


Gee you think?


I think I mentioned on another one of your puzzles that we occasionally lay a really small egg? LOL It really is a surprise when then do!!!!! LOL


Is the right egg really a hen's egg? It looks so much more like the typical specled eggs of wild birds. :))
Thanks for some interesting images in my nighttime and now I'm off to bed. Good night. :))


I have Amerecauna hens Ardy. Both standard and bantam and mine lay blue eggs. Other varieties lay pale green and I heard there's one variety that lays olive green eggs. Thanks for stopping by.


Interesting, Edie. Have you seen blue shelled eggs before? Robin's eggs are speckled and small. It really pretty color. Thanks for sharing.


Edie, I think it's really cool that you have all different kinds of chickens and eggs. I know how much better eggs taste when the chickens are fed and treated properly.


I feel honoured Wendy to have you solve a puzzle of mine. Unfortunately I can only offer pictures of stuff I take around the property. The little blue egg I found on Monday morning and in the evening there was a small brown one just a little bigger than that. It's even stranger because it's from one of my standard chickens while the blue one is from a tiny bantam hen. Now at least I have two so my grandkids can have one each on Saturday.


Edie, I solved your very cool looking eggs puzzle. Were these in your Easter basket? How come I didn't get any?


good looking eggs!


I found it this morning Kathy. My bantam Amerecauna have been moulting for about 6 weeks. When they start laying again they will often produce an extra small egg. Their eggs are small anyways but not this tiny.


Hi Ank, yes robin's do lay blue eggs but this is from one of my own chickens.


LOL......Very unusual and very interesting!!!!

I was just sitting here thinking about it and yesterday was April Fools Day.....could someone be pulling your leg???? Just wondering LOL


A beauty, do you think it's of a Robin? Do they have blue eggs? It's lovely.