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Fountain - Mini Size

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Michelle, there are gradient instructions on the 'Y y Z' puzzle. Sorry to be jumping around.


Glad you're feeling better today. And castless! Wonderful.
...Think it's time to give you more info.
...Firstly, are you layering? (I'm laughing at myself asking you that because of being asked that question many times before I finally managed to succeed.)
... Is your layer menu open? (again, laughing at myself)
... Opacity adjustment before gradient is one option. However, you'll get more interesting results the other method.
... Right hand side - look under the word 'Layer' - where 'normal' is shown. Click on that and see your options. Experiment and have fun. There's also an opacity option.


Thanks for all this're really sharing some wonderful knowledge that I will have to play with. (Yes, I was asking...a bit shyly but I really do want to know!) Hubby felt bad that he couldn't get the CS6 programme with all those wheaties but that would have to wait for sometime in the future...there are so many other things first. (My dishwasher died just before Christmas and had to be replaced virtually the day before all the gang were here! Figures! And don't speak too loudly, the washing machine has been grumbling lately...*sigh*)

I'm pulling all your info out (with links to the puzzles) so that I can sit and study them. I am a bit too foggy today but did a quickie try with the gradients and think that one of the problems was that I had the opacity set to 100%. The gradient just wiped out the picture! Will play a little more later. Drove today for the first time in ages down to my physio and have committed to getting back out to doing my poling...will start by this weekend. (The shoes are untied and sloppy to walk in but at least I got them on! Hallelujah! No more casts!) Thank you again for all your help!! Nighty-night. (Another appointment tomorrow...)


Michelle, thanks for sharing that link with me. The special price expires in two days! Shall show it to hubby in case he's interested. That is a wonderful added Christmas present. Enjoy. I'll have to pick your brain later on once you've mastered their techniques.
...I'll assume you really are asking and shall respond. Again, started off playing with a gradient and changed the hues. As you already know, Polar Coordinates. (have been using that effect too often lately!). Gimp's weaving.
...Back to Elements where I removed some of the black woven shadows - Edit/Cut. [flawed - as little black specks should have been erased]
...The background is comprised of three layers.

To make a finished copy of all layers:
~Select / All layers then again Select / All
~ Edit / Copy Merged
~ Layer / New / Layer
~ Paste


You obviously stopped in time! This is such an interesting effect . How do you even start? Inquiring mind and all that. (My time was 1:29 yesterday, btw.)

Hubby just got me an extension to my Christmas pressie of a 2 year subscription to Photoshop Elements Techniques. (The first magazine should come in about a month.) As part of the special, for the two year membership, there is an add on called Perfect Effects 4. I don't know if it offers anything more but there is the opportunity of using it as a free trial. ( ) Total neophyte here so don't know if it is worth your while to look at it or if it isn't of any use, or even if you've already seen it... ;-D


Mostly, Michelle. Polar Coordinates gave shape. The weaving in Gimp while the rest in Elements. The centered colours are 'radial gradient' and the basic colours are the result of the 'Linear Gradient'. Lots of tweaking in this one - relaxing and fun time. My problem was knowing when to stop!
...Pat has access to weaving from another program - perhaps her Lunapic. Gimp's weaving is excellent.


I'm just getting into playing with all these now, Francine. Bookmarked it naturally (gosh, I am going to have to clean that up ... I keep biting off more than I can chew!) but I wanted time to sit and really go through these. This is keep showing me more techniques than I know how to absorb! Was this one done in elements?


Thanks PJ. This is the result of polar coordinate and weaving effects.


Francine - how interesting and inventive. You've done a wonderful job!


Thank you, Pat. I couldn't have had this fun without that 'layering' technique.


Thanks, Shirley; am pleased you liked it. It's hard to stop tweaking, isn't it?!


WOW! Totally gorgeous, and amazingly intricate! The way both the fountain and the background behind it have contrasting but coordinating rainbow shades is wonderful!


Yes I can see you had fun creating this one Francine, a very lovely creation I might add,Thanks so much.


Thanks for your input Sally, always appreciated. Had fun with this. :) :)


Very creative Francine.... Full of interesting effects.... The radiating colour change in the background and the light texture to the top layer .... Love the 3D, of course.... Thank you.... :) :)


Thanks, Fran :-)


Beautiful ...


Jan, Jan and Libby ~ many thanks. :) :)


This really stands out on the thumbnail, too! Most unusual, thanks ;-)


Hi Francine. This is just a great puzzle. It was fun to solve and the colors are pleasing to the eye. The 3-D effects are fabulous. I, too, see it as a wonderful rattan chair. But, the fountain is also visible in the movement of the center. Love it. Thanks so much.


It's a peacock, it's a fountain and it's a weird looking wicker basket. Looks hard to create but you did good.


Hi Lesley; odd - I agree. But, it was a ball to create and tweak. Congrats on being in first spot.


Unusual one, Francine.


Thanks Oddio. I indeed remember the rattan chairs - used to wreak havoc with nylons!
Mandy, my pleasure. :) You were quite swift in solving - my time 1:28.
Thanks, Wendy :)


Whoa, Francine! I LOVE this one! Everything about it is TERRIFIC!


A lovely puzzle, thanks Francine :~)


Wow! Nice pattern and colors, Bookish.

(It reminds me of the back of a rattan chair we used to call the princess chair!)


Thanks Patti. It's good to see your here. :)


What a wonderful, colorful fountain! Thanks, Francine!


Thanks Lela, Queenbee2b and Laura. It wasn't an easy solve - especially the larger-sized one.


Lots of soft, earthy colors.


Beautiful woven extravaganza!! :)


Nice one!........