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Attribution Lily Kaleidoscope for Hummingbird Kathy

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Another photo I took at Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL! This day lily is peering out from the centre of the design I manipulated from it and the surrounding stems and leaves. The frame is art glass.


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Thank you, Monica! I am so enjoying making these and I am glad that people like you are sharing in the enjoyment. I never really know how the colours are going turn out until I do them and then framing them is another part of the creative process too. I will sometimes reject my first idea or two once I see them and change it until it feels right to me. It's interesting to see how they turn out. Not every photo makes a good kaleido either... I have rejected a good number of them once I see how they look.


Lovely, just so lovely! Yellow and green goes wonderful together. Good job Michelle.


I am so honoured that you think so much of this, Kathy. I was so moved by your puppy adventure that I wanted to make sure that I included you in the list of people for whom I decided that I wanted to dedicate some of my creations. This is all new for me (just been using my Christmas pressie programme for the past two weeks) so I am not sure what direction that I will be taking on this new road. All is an adventure! I am so glad that you felt the serenity...I felt that you deserved it after what you and your husband and your kitties have been through. I saw peace in the midst of chaos with this one. You are very much welcome, Kathy!


This is a work of art!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! When I finished putting it together and looked at it, I actually tooks an unexpected deep breath and felt a relaxing calmness. I then just starred at it, marvelled at it and soaked in its beauty. I have always loved flowers and you did a fantastic job with the black background and the surrounding leaves. The frame pulls it all together. Very artistically done and sooooo beautiful!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!! I would love to create something like this one day :-)))))))))) Will show it to my husband tomorrow as he has already turned in for the night. What a joy and thank you so much again!!!!!!


Wow, Dottie, you were on to this one quickly. I was still off posting one for you!! LOL


Very nice! Thanks!