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Downy Woodpecker: #2 (back view)

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Got him again! I'm quite a distance away from him but you can see his markings.


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Thanks, Hanne! He is a dear little woodpecker; I'm so glad that I was able to capture him on camera!


LOL...knew what you meant, Suzy! So difficult to try to find someplace to put everything when you've only got your own body to lug it around and you have to keep your hands free! The one I got does allow me to put a few personal items in it...which is one of the reasons why I chose it. I have already told my husband that I'll likely want to get something smaller (like the fanny pack) for the times when I just want to take the bare minimum of camera and small zoom.

I'm guessing that you'll have lots of grist for the Jigidi mill when you get back!


He's so VERY clear and beautiful!! Thanks so very much Michelle!!


(Treking poles ...not teeming...argh!)


Michelle -I am quite impressed with your first ventures with your new toy! I got.mine (to replace my "film "camera) back in November -I have only touched the surface of finding out what it can do!
I toyed with the idea of a camera backpack so I could have my hands free for My teeming poles when hiking. Alas....I already wear a backpack, and could not figure how to carry two of them! I opted for a fanny pack. The camera is readily available when I want it, and it's not in my waytoo mu h.I will get something larger to carry everything (when I'm not hiking) .
You will have such fun taking photos then doing your magic with them! Look forward to your creations!


Big, BIG grin on my face! So much better than the point-and-shoot, Suzy! (I'd never have been able to capture this series on my little Kodak.)

It's been years since I used an SLR (pre-digital days....remember film? LOL) so I have to re-learn some old stuff and learn all new stuff but it will be worth it. I'm already much, much happier with the quality of the shots (control freak) and even this beginner DSLR will allow me to shoot in RAW so bonus for the Elements fun. Given the good sale prices right now, I decided on the 70-200mm f4 L USM and will get the Speedlite flash unit later. (I've already told hubby that I just want EF lenses...already thinking about that eventual upgrade to a full body camera.) I didn't get the IS but I have a couple of tripods (heavy and light duty) that will suffice. I took this series free hand (without tripod) and I was very happy with the results; from my research, I expected the photos to be much less clear due to camera shake. (I've got a mount and the UV filter coming from B&H.)

Hubby got me a camera bag backpack yesterday...after trying on a number of them and pretending to pole around the store, I ended up with the Lowepro Flipside 400. (I want to use a backpack so I can use my nordic poles to get around. Much healthier for me than a cane or walker.) The nice thing about this backpack is that I just need to drop it over my shoulder and swing it around my waist - it opens on the back side, which also serves as a bit of a shelf to steady yourself on. (The sales rep hadn't seen that use so I told him I should get a kickback on his commissions...;-D) It also looks like I could clip the camera strap in the front of it on loops so I don't have to worry about the weight around my neck if I'm out and about shooting with it. Cool!

So what do you think, Suzy? Do I like my new camera? (btw: I've already got a spread sheet going with an accessory wish-list.)

Hope that you are having lots of sunshine and fun on your vacation!


Good set, thanks Michelle. It's wonderful to glimpse signs of Spring. :) (2:07)


No mistaking him! How do you like your new camera, Michelle?


It was fun to see him, Li. We were just out and about so I could play with the camera and he just happened on the scene. What a cutie!

I remember having one hit the window at our cottage when I was a young teen. My mother was great with birds and she examined him and said he was just stunned so got him comfy on padding in a box and he got some rest time. Several hours later, he shook himself off, looked around and took some tentative steps. Within moments, he flew off. How wonderful!


Another great photo, Michelle! I love it!