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Tile with spunk

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Absolutely, Gail. I imagine you are familiar with these differences, but it was quite an eye opener for me! I'm so glad you liked this!


Nice and bright, Jill. It's too bad how a perfectly good word in one culture can mean something offensive in another.


Oh, my goodness! I have come to find out that the word in this title is a vulgarity in some countries, especially in Australia and New Zealand. It has no such meaning in the US, instead, it describes bolness and endurance. I had no idea it was offensive in some places. Please accept my apologies! I certainly won't be using that word again!


Hanne, in the US, a person who has this is full of vitality, boldness, endurance, and an ability to stay the course.


But what IS spunk? My dictionary leaves me with no usable clues!! Please Jill, I like spunk if it is like this!! Thanks so very much!!


Yes, MaryNolan, she has spunk!! I've said a prayer for Gail. I'm sorry she is going through this pain. I know it doesn't help to say it to someone who is in pain, but, after some time has passed, she'll feel great and will be glad she had the procedure!.


Oh, that was fun! Very different and happy! 6:38 Thanks, Jill!

Have a thought for Gail. She's in a good bit of pain after the procedure today. She says it's harder to sit now than it was before. She hopes to be back in a couple of days, though. She's got spunk!


Thank you, dear ShirleyI 'm glad you think it is a day brightener!.... :-)


I thought it very spunky! Jill, should brighten anyones day, Thanks Jill.


Thanks, buckeye! Ido too, in fact, I wish I had more spunk today, lol! Thanks for your comment! .... :-))


Hmmmm, why pinknasturtium? If it is an offensive word where you live,I apologize. The meaning here is "pep"or "energy".


I like spunk - thanks Jill!

dont like the name mate