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Thursday's Sweet and Simple Star Flower

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Mary, at least the Simple Flower Dance will have easy steps to learn. :-)

Gail, I'm so glad that you had fun with this one. :-)

PJ, I wish I'd seen your post earlier! Oh, I'll make you something special for tomorrow. ;-)

Ardy, thank you! Well, I hope you enjoy this week of work and play. ;-)


Lovely flower, Wendy. I, too, like the center. This week and next- program and practices. I'll pop in when I can. Thanks for this lovely flower.


Wendy - such a nice and simple puzzle. Love the little sweet rose colored flower in the middle. And Wendy - I need that miracle clock. I know Mandy wants one too - can you duplicate it and send one to me as well. :))


This was a lot of fun, Wendy. It's so whimsical and cheerful. Thank you.


Woo hoo! Doing the Simple Flower Dance, quite a relief from the Tri-Flower Dance that is so difficult! Simply gliding around a sweet solve of 2:03. Thanks, Wendy!


LOL, Ms. Katie! :-)

Mandy, I'll see what I can do about sending you one. ;-)


Wendy, I love the idea of more time per hour... and watching the time on a clock as lovely as this would be no hardship... can I order one please???


Wendy, good to see you have to be driven crazy...I'm so close I can walk there!


Katie, you did it again! You snuck in your post while I was typing up mine. You're driving me crazy! LOL! Anyway, I'm so glad you love this one. Maybe I should make more like this in the future. :-)


Almost forgot! If I used this as a clock, we'd have more time PER HOUR to get things done (65.4545454 minutes per hour instead of the usual 60).


I love this one!


It's still morning for us, Pat, so a Good Morning to you! Yes, it is pretty sweet so I figured I'd call it that. LOL


Very sweet indeed--and simple is lovely--at least here it is! Great colors--would make a nice clock, but it only shows 11 hours... LOL!