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Female Orb spider with egg sac ...

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,,,,,and the tiny male Orb spider behind her!!!


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Thanks Ank, Shirley, Morris, Jim, Laura, Lyndee, Suzy, Dave, Mary & Ami!!
She was about 2" across the legs, and I kept my distance!! I'm not sure if she ate him or not, but they were both gone this morning - we've had really windy weather for a couple of days, so the web was damaged.
With the zoom Ami - I have to be about 1 metre away when I'm on full zoom, or the photo gets blurry - then I crop it when I put it up on the screen. That might help you I hope!


You do an amazing job of capturing these in close-ups Robyn. I'll need to have my friend show me how to do better at this type of photo than what I've done so far, they always turn out blurry!


Does she devour him when she needs him no more?
Her web is quite a mess. Not a very good housekeeper is she.
Thanks foe sharing this Robryan.


Whew! I thought it captured an ostrich egg and took it to its web. Missed the male completely.


Super close up!


I'm with Ank on this one....I never knew that was an egg sac.


Yikes! She's gigantic!


Amazing how such a little creature can inspire such fear in so many, like my wife and son.


Her's lunch anyhow, shirl!


I had to have a second look for the male, he's so tiny, he better do as he's told!


Wow, I learned again something. I often saw it but never knew it was an egg sac. The photo is great.