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For JiggyBelle! Another view of "Here It Is"!

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Hello again, Jan! I didn't need to drive around; I found a place to park and got to have a lovely walk through memory lane(s) on the campus. I only walked about 1 mi, in total, and I had to be near the area for a appointment anyway. It was a lovely, relatively warm day (for this time of year) so I got some exercise and rosy cheeks too! I did crop the grad out of the left corner (I don't she would have appreciated appearing on the web) and the cars parked to the right and in front. It was fun, actually, to see how fast I could take the shots between people passing. It was rather endearing to see all those proud parents/grandparents/families/etc and excited young people. (With you with the mouse issue...this one has been "pet-adjusted" so has some strange hiccoughs!) Keep smiling!!


Michelle, I cannot believe you found this building! It was such a wonderful puzzle/mystery to solve! And, to find it with nothing to go on, but "Toronto," - WOW! When you said you thought it was U of T.....I googled a few of the buildings and thought, well maybe it could be. Then you drove around until you FOUND it! That is astonishing. You are a real detective!
Sorry it had to be during convocation, though! LOL
I also love this view, too!
It took me 11:14 to solve - I have a dying (and recalcitrant mouse and I'm at a beach house!) But what a wonderful angle!


Yup, folks. That building that JiggyBelle "jigged" from an online photo is actually a real building and not a facade. Here's part of the front showing the door and the window detail to the right. Note the grad in the lower left corner...had a hard time taking pix today. 'Twas Convocation! lol...bad timing but I promised. See the other puzzle for details.