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SNOWFLAKES! (Just a flurry size)

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Living in Oregon, we do not see much in the way of snow. This is fine by me! Good luck and stay warm!

According to the weather report, we will have snow this weekend. Up to now it's been very little. I am in central Jersey. Enjoyed your snow flakes.


Aye, a pox indeed! This means time - - time to research and time to learn. Who has enough of THAT these days!
Thanks for your concern, Gail! :)


This is a new style for you. I like it, but am sorry your "better" half fooled with your programs. A pox on him!


Hester - May the road rise to meet you, free of snow.....May the sun shine warm upon your face and may you travel safely home!

TG - Better to dream than experience! Thanks so much. Nighty nite!


My last puzzle for the night....I will probably dream snowflakes! Thanks jiggy :)


Oh dear, Jan...blessed are the computer menders for they shall inherit the earth. Well they do in my household anyway! :-D.

Pj is right! I shall hold these toasty images up to the snowy roads and watch it all melt away. :-)) Wishin' an' a'hopin' an' ....a' hopin' not to get frostbite as we dig the car out of the car park midnight tomorrow!


You're right, Pat - that is exactly what they look like. And, I agree that these kind of puzzles are the kind that are pure stress relievers! :D)) Thanks for the comments.


Lovely, and very relaxing to solve--no brain-gnashing needed! LOL! They remind me of the templates (not sure of the correct word) that you use the make a design with powdered sugar on baked goods. :-)))


Thanks, PJ. A most sensible response to Hester. Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed them!


Hester, I will do my best! My puzzle maker crashed and burned......due to SOMEONE "updating" the computer! I am having to do my best cobbling things together. :(

OMG sandals in cold weather! (I am trying to be support to you who have been in the warm weather. I hope you appreciate my efforts!) LOL


Jan - such a fine and fun collection.
Hester - don't worry, these colorful images would melt the white snow :-)


Jan....NO, we don't want snowflakes, cute& colourful as these may be. I'm due to arrive midnight tomorrow at an airport which may or may not be open ,wearing totally inappropriate footwear to temperatures of down to -9!! Could tomorrow's puzzle have a little sunburst on it, huh? Maybe? Pretty please?? Just enough to clear the roads would do! LOL. :-)


Thanks, JC. I rarely say anything but small, medium and large! :D

Jan - Thanks so much. We're just getting cold and sun. (Thank Goodness!)

Katie - I'm glad you enjoyed them! It's even better than you have some sun!


Hi Jan, love these snowflakes! I haven't had any at all for a few weeks now. Finally got some sunshine today though.


pretty snowflakes, cute idea for a puzzle.


Nice one, Jan, and I love the size titles!