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For Hanne. I would check this out. Roof decoration.

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An owl sign (Fries: ├╗leboerd, Groningen: oelbred, Drenthe: oelebret) is a triangle-shaped, vertically standing shot caused by the triangular end shield of a hipped trapezoid to pollarding. This triangular wooden board was used for the ventilation (opening) and to the barn to protect against watering. Through the hole could also church and stone-owls flying in and out. The oldest archive entry is from 1669. An owl plate consists of two parts. In the middle a decorated beam is called a broker. On both sides the Frisian owls signs one mute swan with a curved neck.

Sorry, At the collage, the written part, I lost a piece of the text. I saw it too late. Here I did write the right text.


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Thanks Cathy and Jo. "Cookie cutter looking". I will try to remember this. I like it and it gave me a laugh.


Very interesting, and attractive addition to the roof!! Need to see more of these quaint decorations on houses. Most new houses are "cookie cutter looking!! Thanks for showing us this!! :)


Very nice collage and interesting information. Thank you Ank.


I'm glad you like it girls. Normaly you see it only on farms. But a few times I saw it on other buildings. I don't think I ever saw it at a normal house.


I think these roof designs are wonderful! Thanks, Ank!


Thanks so VERY much Ank!! They are indeed very special and remarkably beautiful!! What a fine cutting!!


Thanks Lorna.


Nice collage and interesting information. Thanks Ank.


Thanks Jana Denise Sandy and Sissy. I knew it was not only decoration but I could not find information. Just because I did not remember the name of it. So I asked someone, found my information at Wikipedia and I have learnt something too.


gorgeous set thanks Sis


Very interesting Ank.


Very interesting Ank. I thought they were only for decoration.. ..another thing I have learnt from Jigidi. Thanks so much:-)) HUGS


This is very interesting, thank you very much Ank :-))))