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Actually, the mix of background colors was a bit of a problem where the piece edge matched the color you were using (I'm using the tan now instead of white). I didn't realize you used the paint bucket to manually color it - I was trying to figure out how you took snaps of successive puzzles! :-)

Unlikely anyone was using a larger monitor - I'm working with a 2520x1440 27" iMac. On the other hand, I've never worked on the techniques of doing the puzzles fast; I just take my time. I'm good at pattern perception, but I'm meticulous and methodical. I suspect that some people are simply better at it than I am, through talent and practice.


Just to add that the above is a copy of a copy of a copy and the following jigsaw is a further copy.


juneshone had given the game away (drat :-)) by telling everyone how to change the colour of the background so that the white version was easier to do, so I coloured the pieces with all the background colours so that it might make it harder, but of course it just meant everyone could change the colour during the game.


If you mean, how, as in "created the puzzle" -

I took a screenshot (PrntScr) of the jumbled up white one and coloured them in with the RGB background colours that Jigidi use.

R 246 233 179 168 121 93 51
G 246 226 192 168 132 81 51
B 246 212 157 168 150 88 51

The more you copy what you've copied, though, the worse the resolution gets. I thought of doing a vector drawing, but the effort wasn't worth it.

If you mean, how, as in "did it so fast". I suspect that some did it with a larger monitor than you. Maybe a touch screen or a pen and tablet.

I don't race to finish my own puzzles quickly, I just do them to see if the pieces are all there :-)


Well, I managed - but it took 72 minutes, which (surprisingly) is not much different from the white one. Not quite sure how you did it, but it was harder than a straight solid-color puzzle, where you can concentrate on the shapes.


wow ! Thanks ....... this was a little challenge


Yes, another one!!! Thanks so much for creating this--this type of puzzle is a wonderfully mind-stretching challenge! :-)))


Glad you liked it :-)

WOW!!!! That was a real thrill of a challenge. Thank you so much.

This was a hard one!! Kept thinking the darker pieces of the finished puzzle were blanks (lol)